TCPOS introduces Workforce Management

TCPOS expands its product range with the Workforce Management solution from Zucchetti Group

The introduction of the Workforce Management is the next logical step, resulting from the cooperation of TCPOS and Zucchetti. The proved workforce management solution from Zucchetti is fully integrated with TCPOS and offers extensive functionalities in labor management. In staff scheduling, the software determines labour periods, employee quantities and the type of work required. This enables a uniform organization of the various work schedules and precise planning of staff activities, reducing labor time and cost significantly.
In addition, the solution provides timesheets for future billing. Thus, the employee labor is documented and allocated based on the various projects, orders or customers. Times can be recorded either via stationary terminals, cash registers or in the mobile version via an app. In this case, no additional hardware is required, because employees can use the app on their smartphones. Timesheets are also available in the App Store, so that employees can record their time with full mobile flexibility. The software is slim and easy and is designed to simplify management and save time.

Mobile Time Recording
The solution is completely web-based and allows detecting employee presence and absence from any location. It is also suitable for chain retail stores, with multiple offices, because all branches can use it to manage their time recording completely independently via Web.
For companies that already use the TCPOS POS solution, this will open up the benefits of an additional fully integrated solution, in which the time recording data are stored on the cash register and further transmitted to the workforce - planning software. Thanks to the evaluation of historical sales data, it is possible to plan the use of hourly employees and prepare accurate billing. In addition, for meaningful analysis and detailed reports the business intelligence solution is available in the background. 

Dirk Schwindling, CEO of TCPOS GmbH, explains: “Especially after the introduction of the minimum wage law in Germany, detecting the precise labor times became an increasing urgency in retail, hospitality and stadium markets. With our workforce management solution our customers achieve their goals, efficiency in their businesses and create added -value".