Zucchetti officially opened its German office

The No. 1 software manufacturer in Italy has opened “Zucchetti GmbH” to enter the German market and expand its international sales network

Zucchetti’s internationalisation process also passes through Germany. The Italian computer giant with 2,800 employees and a turnover of 352 million euros (2014) recently opened an office in Voelklingen, in the district of Saarbrücken (Saarland). Voelklingen becomes the headquarters of Zucchetti GmbH. This new company aims at expanding the Group in a thriving and consolidated market like the German one, a nerve centre for the European expansion of Zucchetti.

The Zucchetti Group’s mission is well defined as evidenced by the words of Domenico Uggeri, Vice President of Zucchetti spa Zucchetti GmbH demonstrates Zucchetti’s ambition for internationalisation and Germany is one of the countries where we want to start building an efficient and widespread distribution network.This is also demonstrated by recent acquisitions of strategic companies already entrenched and recognised as TC POS, a company that has been operating for over 10 years in the German market thanks to innovative solutions for the retail and large-scale distribution market.

Zucchetti GmbH has a large target group as confirmed by Dirk Schwindling, director of the company:“Zucchetti GmbH offers the market a modern and innovative approach, which allows modular solutions to be integrated into a single platform for managing activities complementary to each other, but that until now were managed separately:on the one hand, time and attendance, scheduling of work shifts and time control and personnel costs, on the other hand, security of people, goods and environments, which combines video surveillance, burglar and fire alarms with access control.This allows us to meet the demands of customers looking for a single management system and buyers who want to save money by integrating new products with existing infrastructure."

Zucchetti GmbH will also be present on the German market with its own management system Venue Management, a vertical offer that has allowed us to become a leader in the sector and that will soon be enriched with the launch of an innovative multi-function badge to enable store employees to open cash registers, clock in/out, check shifts and expenses, such as the number of meal vouchers used in the month,” explains Dirk Schwindling.“The badge will not only be an identification tool for employees, but also a company card to make payments”. 

Zucchetti is synonymous with quality and reliability in Italy and has become a landmark during its 35-year history. The short-term goal of the Lodi headquarters is to achieve this status also in Europe and the world, where a brand like Zucchetti can and must distinguish itself.