Figures for the No. 1 software

Once again in 2014, the No. 1 software company in Italy achieved excellent results

  • Turnover for Zucchetti Group (estimate): € 352 million (+9%)
  • New “cross application” sales (CRM, DMS, Mobile Applications, Portal, Safety Solution, ZTravel, ZScheduling, ZTimesheet, Safety Solution): over 40%
  • Turnover for Business Intelligence solutions: +14.5%
  • Turnover for Management/ERP solutions: +7%
  • New sales of HR solutions: +10%
  • New customers: 5,065 (+33%)
  • New “cloud” customers: over 50%

“When companies in our market publish their outcomes, they often tend to exaggerate and don’t always tell the truth,” says Antonio Grioli, Chairman of the Zucchetti Board of Directors.Therefore, since the above data speak for themselves, we prefer focusing on more strategic factors.The results for 2014 confirm Zucchetti’s strong growth in traditional markets, such as software solutions for companies and professionals, but also show the first generator of new opportunities and new markets.

In substance, the growth in the traditional offer was confirmed, but there was also a growth in new Infinity products. These two positive results are important for Zucchetti because we want to continue to be the strongest "Software Foundation" but at the same time we also want to be the fastest, most sophisticated and ambitious "Software Start-up." The increase in software-as-a-service activations in the ERP and Human Resource sector supports the view that our company has always maintained: the value of the cloud is not in the infrastructures, but in the content of the applications. And Zucchetti’s application contents are recognised for their excellence: in short, customers do not buy the cloud infrastructure, but the benefits that the cloud can give them, of course with quality application software.”

Giorgio Mini, one of the two vice-presidents of Zucchetti, perceives a change in how companies approach IT. “Customers do not use technology to reduce costs or improve business management, but they see it as a way to gain competitive advantage. This can result in better customer service when used with a CRM solution, in a better and more timely understanding of the market needs with Business Intelligence tools, in the digitising of processes with document management solutions and in particular, in the possibility to work anywhere and anytime with “mobile” applications. We are convinced that the significant increase in the sales of these products recorded last year will continue in the coming months, because companies are realising the great added value of these components and the convenience of having them natively integrated into their CRP, a distinctive feature of the Zucchetti offer.”

Domenico Uggeri, the other vice-president, emphasises the concept of “cross applications”: "We have invested a lot to make HR Infinity - Zucchetti's personnel management suite - even richer in terms of features, and the market is rewarding us through companies of all sizes and industries. Our solutions for travel and expense note management, shift scheduling, management of work activities and safety in the workplace, have allowed us to achieve double-digit figures.

Paolo Susani, Indirect channel sales manager, takes this opportunity to thank the distribution network: “2014 saw a big change in the way our partners worked: there was greater collaboration, the desire to approach new markets, the capacity to combine different skills to create real centres of excellence. I would also like to point out that the relationship between Zucchetti and its partners has not always been only a contractual or economic one, but is based on shared values that continue over time. This is why one third of the Zucchetti partners are in their second generation of management, which is absolutely unique in the Italian IT industry.”

Alessandro Zucchetti, president of Zucchetti, expresses his satisfaction for the contribution made by companies of the group, demonstrating the validity of the investments made. “After integrating the products and services offered by us, companies that become part of the Zucchetti Group tend to grow more and become more efficient.  This is not always the case in our market, where the purchase of a product sometimes leads to the decline of a company. Instead, Longwave, a company specialising in networking and video communication services, has acquired 200 new customers with Zucchetti; Macnil, whose many activities include the geolocation of company fleets in movement, has installed more than 22,000 devices; Zucchetti Software Giuridico is a leader in the field of digital justice: 70 courts have now been automated, and 70% of bankruptcy proceedings are managed with its applications; Zucchetti Centro Sistemi has once again confirmed its status as world leader in the market of robotic lawnmowers. In fact, Zucchetti also stands for advanced technology: robotics, home automation, automated warehouses, energy saving, telemedicine, biomedical informatics, and much more. If you are looking for Information Technology of the future, you can find it at Zucchetti, because our obsession has always been to accompany customers over time.”

For Cristina Zucchetti, president of the Zucchetti Group Holding, the credit for this success goes to the people working in Zucchetti. “In a very difficult period of employment uncertainty, even in the IT industry, we have continued to invest in people, so much so that in 2014 we hired 100 new employees on a permanent basis, as Zucchetti has always done. We put our trust in people and almost all of them repay us by working every day with commitment, creativity and passion for our customers and partners, who see Zucchetti as a reliable and consistent partner to manage their business activities. In an era where everything changes quickly, Zucchetti continues to focus on the skills and expertise of its people and partners to increase the success of its customers. Therefore, let’s approach 2015 with caution, but also with lots and lots of optimism.”