Zucchetti access control systems at the Pallas Theatre in Athens

For the prestigious Greek venue Zucchetti has manufactured customized access control terminals, directly integrated with the ticketing systems

The Pallas Theatre in Athens is one of the most important and famous buildings in Greece as far as the organization of performances and concerts is concerned.
It has a 1,500 seat capacity and it has recently been provided with cutting-edge technological devices for audience security.
As far as access control is concerned, Ellthea holding company has chosen Zucchetti software and hardware solutions; moreover, the system has been integrated with Tickethour, Zucchetti Greek business partner, ticketing platform. "The project achieved for the Pallas Theatre in Athens shows how much Zucchetti Group is acknowledged, even abroad, as an excellent security and automation solution provider" - Zucchetti Vice-president Domenico Uggeri states - that is why I would like to offer special thanks to the team in charge with this job order".
In fact, specific access control terminals have been manufactured to meet the features of the venue, with a special care for elegance and design and with specific functions required by the Client in order to manage different types of tickets and subscriptions.
Moreover, in order to better manage the events with a high flow of people, besides Zucchetti terminals, Wi-Fi palmtops fitted with barcode scanner and RFID reader will be used.
Stefanos Kakarantzas, Vice-president and CEO of Tickethour, is eager as well: "The Client has been very pleased both with the quality of the installed products and with the competence shown by Zucchetti and Tickethour teams during the pre-sales and implementation phases".