Zucchetti, Serie A Access Control for all Serie B stadiums

Avellino, Carpi, Latina and Trapani Serie B teams have chosen Zucchetti access control systems for stadiums

With over 100 automated stadiums in Italy and abroad, Zucchetti is world leader in the security of sports facilities.
As for the National football competitions, besides the majority of the PRO League teams, the access control system for the stadiums has been chosen by the main Serie A and B football clubs. Avellino, Carpi, Latina and Trapani teams, which play in Serie B, have decided to adopt Zucchetti solutions starting from this season.
'We have been contacted by these four companies because we are the benchmark in Italy in terms of access control - states Gilberto Polledri, Zucchetti Manager for stadium security systems - as we manage projects for structures of any type and size, with the guarantee to bring into compliance the facility with definite costs and time.
For Carpi Cabassi stadium, Latina Francioni stadium and Trapani Provincial Multi-sports stadium, an ex-novo installation of Zucchetti system, including turnstiles and hardware/software architecture, was required at the access entrances.
But, for the Partenio of Avellino, a full replacement of the system supplied by the previous supplier was necessary, as it did not adequately meet the customer's requirements.
However, in Zucchetti's opinion, the Italian football clubs will have to focus more and more on enhancing their service portfolio for fans in order to provide them a better entertainment experience. 'For the management of sports events, we should take the example of the German and English football companies - says Domenico Uggeri, Zucchetti Vice President - which, from the purchase of the ticket to the entrance to the facility through gates, barriers and turnstiles, to the purchase in sales points and meals consumption in bars and restaurants, up to the enjoyment of the real event experience, provide the customer moments of delight and relaxation guaranteeing maximum security within the facility.
It would be ideal to provide the customer with rechargeable contactless cards and credit card bracelets so they could access venues and purchase gadgets or other items within the stadium, as well as to buy drinks and sandwiches in cafeterias, while waiting calmly for the beginning of the match.
This would also allow the clubs to know the consumption preferences of the fans, to analyze them with Zucchetti Business Intelligence Tools, to manage them with CRM systems, in order to develop marketing initiatives for clients fidelity, with discounts, incentives and agreements with other sports facilities, shopping malls and services.'