Zucchetti is acknowledged by Gartner as a Vendor to consider for administrative ERP applications

In its 'Vendor Guide for Administrative ERP Applications', published in March 2013, Gartner, world leader in the field of Information Technology Analysis and Consultancy, has included Zucchetti under the 'Additional Vendors to Consider' section of the report as a provider of administrative software solutions.

In fact, Zucchetti has become an Italian leader in the field of HR solutions given its turnover and the number of customers, having increased over the past years, its development efforts in the international market joining an array of large Italian companies that have opened branches abroad.
'For more than thirty years, Gartner has been regarded as a world benchmark for those operating in the field of Information Technology' -underlines Réka Ujj, International Sales and Business Development Area Manager for Zucchetti'-therefore, for us, it is a reason of great satisfaction that Zucchetti has been included as a vendor to consider for Administrative ERP Applications.

After having secured our leadership in Italy, in the field of HR management software, our objective is to enforce our presence on the foreign market. Our international strategy is based on an indirect sales channel, emulating the winning formula implemented in Italy, while also investing directly in Brazil, the Middle East, North America and Russia, where we have already established operating offices.
We believe the notability of Gartner represents an excellent showcase for Zucchetti, to become known by IT companies and operators all over the world'.