Zucchetti Spain Explores
Digitizing Project Management and HR

Two new teaching guides on technological change in HR and efficient project management

The guide "Efficient project management. How to improve planning and reduce risks in engineering, installation and service companies" provides a roadmap with the steps to be taken by companies in these sectors to address project management efficiently, putting advanced and specialized ERP software such as Solmicro ERP by Zucchetti Spain as the axis of the strategy.

The second guide, "Technological change in HR. New solutions that facilitate talent management, working hours, travel expenses and payroll", shows the need to adopt a new approach to human talent management, based on human resources analytics and the automation of administrative processes related to payroll, attendance control,  travel expense management.
Both teaching guides can be downloaded free of charge through the Zucchetti Spain website

A new way to approach project management
Business digitalization has marked a new scenario in the way companies approach project management. The guide "Efficient Project Management" makes clear some of the challenges for digitalization in this new scenario. Companies need solutions that allow them to carry out intelligent planning, control costs and budgets and implement a methodology with which to be productive and efficient.

A flexible and customizable ERP software specialized in project management is the best way to address digital transformation in engineering, service and installation companies. It facilitates digital document management linked to each project, the preparation of technical designs, compliance with legal obligations and economic forecasts to achieve a more efficient company.

"Digital transformation is key to improving operational management, regulatory compliance and the customer experience in project development."  

The keys to a change of approach in talent management

Companies also face a major challenge in the management of human talent. It is no longer possible to manage HR departments as it used to be, dedicating great effort and time to administrative tasks. It is urgent to focus on implementing a strategic approach to HR management.

Comprehensive HR management software is the strategic tool to address this shift in approach. In addition to automating administrative tasks, it is key to measuring the evaluation of staff performance and well-being, managing talent, and controlling presence digitally taking into account the reality of teleworking and hybrid work.

Advanced HR management solutions like Zucchetti HR from Zucchetti Spain drive technological change in companies. They allow them  to control productivity and achieve an effective knowledge of the needs of the staff in order to enhance their motivation and job satisfaction.

"HR management software is the engine of the new transformation of corporate culture.To address change, an advanced solution must be used, with state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the collection, storage and analysis of data."