Comprehensive Item Lot Management by Mago: From Purchase to Sale

Flexible Lot Numbering: Choose Between Internal or Supplier-Assigned Systems

Mago offers a complete management of Item Lots, starting from the purchase or production of the lots, tracking all their movements between different Locations, different Storages, from one Store to another and between companies of the same group, up to their sale or use in production.

The program offers the possibility to choose whether to use an internal lot numbering, eventually managed directly by the program (usually used in case of internal production) or to use the lot numbering assigned by the supplier.In case of lot autonumbering, it is possible to choose whether to use a unique company numbering or manage a progressive numbering for each item.

For each item you can decide whether the lots are managed or not and whether the lot needs an expiry and pre-expiry date (period in which, even if the lot has not expired, it must not be sold or used in production), setting them manually, for example in case of purchase, or having them calculated automatically by the program, usually in case of internal production.

According to the company needs you can choose whether to manage the lot reservation starting from the customer or supplier order. Thanks to Mago flexibility, you can decide whether the lot set in the order is fixed or can be reassigned based on actual availability at the time of shipment.
If you do not set the lot in order or do not manage the reservation, during the shipping phase, Mago is able to propose the best lot according to your settings.

Furthermore, we can set the program to propose different lots for the same shipment or search for a single available lot for the total quantity requested. For the most important and critical customers you can manage different propositions.

Obviously, you can also enter the lot number manually, modifying the automatic program propositions. Manual selection can optionally be set as standard behaviour.
Lot management is also present in the manufacturing modules, where Mago is able to unload components recalling lots in the best way for the production plant. Obviously the finished product can also be managed with lots and, as mentioned, they can be progressively autonumbered per item or per company, rather than manually.

Naturally, Mago features lots tracking; it allows finding all loads and unloads movements of each single lot linked to a bill of materials or a component.

Given a lot, we can very easily and quickly trace where it was used, the resulting finished product and the final customer who purchased it.
What has been described for the manufacturing area regarding the Bill of Materials and Components also applies to the food area regarding recipes and ingredients where lot traceability is fundamental.

If you set a finished or semifinished product critical for traceability, Mago verifies that all the components recalled in the bill of materials are managed by lots, notifying with a warning or an error depending on the company’s need if they are not.
Lots management is also perfectly integrated with the Quality Inspection module of Mago, tracking each analysis and related result run on the lot.

For each inspected lot you can set whether the analysis results in a confirmed lot, to be returned or to be scrapped.Obviously, we can also find the lot management in the WMS thanks to which it is possible to move the lot between the warehouse bins. Transfer orders management can be carried out directly in Mago or using Android handhelds, through the WMS Mobile.

In case of picking, the program is able to propose the best lot based on multiple strategies, searching, for example, for the first lot close to expiration in the single zone or storage.

The lot is also present in the Store Management module and can be transferred from one store to another. Also in this case, each movement can be carried out directly from your pc in Mago or by handheld using the InStore APP.

Thanks to the InStore APP we can check the lot availability in the store’s storages. The lot is recallable in inventory, transfers between storages, goods receipt and issue.

In the documents generated by the POS, such as Fiscal Bill, Invoice and Not collected Receipt, the lot obviously is not present, but Mago is able to automatically assign it in the Inventory entries generated, unloading the lot according to the settings defined.

Thanks to the barcode management, the movements of items managed by lots is simple and fast. Mago, in fact, is able to read GTIN barcodes which allows identifying, with a simple scan, the item lot and lot expiry date, making numerous company activities immediate, including goods receipt and inventory.

As we have seen Mago allows a 360° lots management suitable for all possible business needs thanks to a series of parametrizations that make it very flexible and aligned with any type of pf company, especially Yours!