Enhanced Features in Tilby's Latest Till Module Upgrade

As more customers switch to the new Till interface, Tilby POS software keeps evolving with tailored improvements for hospitality and retail.

With an increasing number of customers transitioning to the advanced Till interface released earlier this year, Tilby POS software continues to evolve and offers several new improvements tailored to the hospitality and retail industries.

Let's explore the new key functionalities!

Tip management integration

Tilby now includes tip management functionality! This feature is compliant with Italian and European tax regulations, and allows for the addition of an extra amount to the bill, to reward the restaurant staff.

The tip amount can be chosen as a percentage of the total bill, directly adjustable within the POS system, or as a fixed amount chosen by customers.

Flexible Till keypad positioning

Till keypad is not optimal for you in its traditional bottom-screen position? Then shift it laterally!

This brand-new feature provides a compact layout when using Till module, mantaining all the typical user-friendly characteristics of our POS software.

Faster Product detail modifications

Till modal screen for product information (accessible by clicking or long-pressing a product), now enables quick editing option.

Users can modify product details without leaving the module, saving considerable time when adding or altering characteristics such ingredients, prices and more.

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