Zucchetti Manufacturing Solutions: Advancing Industry in France and Spain

Zucchetti, the Italian leading software solutions provider, is set to showcase its manufacturing offering in France and Spain.

The company's OperaMES software and comprehensive manufacturing solutions will be featured at the Global Industrie event in Paris from March 25th to 28th.

Partnering with Kardol, Zucchetti aims to introduce its innovative solutions to the French market, providing insights into how their technology can streamline manufacturing processes and boost efficiency.

Following their presence in Paris, Zucchetti will bring the same software solutions, CyberPlan and OperaMES, to the Advanced Factories event in Barcelona from April 9th to 11th. Collaborating with Smi4, an esteemed partner of OpenData, and Cybertec, Zucchetti aims to engage with the Spanish market, showcasing their cutting-edge technologies tailored to the manufacturing sector.