Tilby Continues Its Optimization Journey: Discover All The News!

Unveiling more innovations of our cloud POS software

After the significant update at the beginning of 2024, which introduced Tilby version 5, in recent weeks, we have unveiled further innovations of our cloud POS software, aimed to ease the work of restaurateurs and retailers, enhancing at the same time the overall user experience.

Let's dive into the latest developments!

Enhanced Till module: efficiency and customization

The new Till module, introduced with version 5.0, has undergone further refinements to provide an even more efficient user experience. Alongside a range of general improvements, the module now boasts an advanced product search functionality equipped with filters, facilitating swift item retrieval even with extensive inventories.

Moreover, the advanced payment screen of the till facilitates the selection of desired sales document, even at the eleventh hour. Opting for an invoice triggers the automatic opening of the customer selection modal screen, offering an intuitive alternative to pre-selection.

We have also introduced new accessibility features, displaying descriptive texts alongside icons within the control panel, enhancing the user-friendliness of our cash system.

Unlimited creativity with Tables module

Tilby 5 Tables module introduces an extensive array of new furnishings and tables, enabling an even more precise representation of your spaces. The simplified room creation process, facilitated by optimized modal windows and automatic storage of the last selected room, enhances user convenience.

Enhanced permissions management

We have further improved permissions management of our cloud POS system, empowering users with the ability to define authorization levels for specific operations, including payment acceptance, pre-discount issuance, and more.

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