Zucchetti Spain Drives The Digital Transformation Of The HORECA Channel At HIP 2024

Introducing visioncheckout, TCPOS, and MagoCloud solutions

The HORECA channel is undergoing a full transformation. This has been reflected at HIP 2024, the international reference event for hospitality and catering, allowing sector companies to firsthand experience the benefits offered by new technologies in areas such as business management and customer experience.

In this edition of HIP, Zucchetti has introduced its visioncheckout, TCPOS, and MagoCloud solutions.

A new opportunity to boost innovation in hospitality and catering
At HIP 2024, HORECA channel companies have been able to glimpse the new challenges and opportunities in the sector.

In a scenario marked by changes in consumer habits, high competitiveness, and the emergence of new technologies such as AI, hospitality and catering companies need to adapt to remain competitive.

The implementation of new solutions brings benefits such as reducing queues, optimizing administrative tasks, automating inventory, and improving the customer experience, especially in payment management. Old payment methods are no longer sufficient, and digitization allows for more efficient management: mobile payments, contactless payments, or intelligent product recognition are some of its main advantages.

"Implementing mobile and contactless payments is imperative
to streamline queues and adapt to new generations."

The implementation of new technologies must be done intelligently; it is not enough to have a POS terminal that allows mobile payments, but it is necessary to ensure the integration of all systems for billing and inventory management.

visionCheckout, TCPOS, and MagoCloud: intelligent solutions to boost digitization in the HORECA sector

Zucchetti has presented at HIP 2024 three powerful and innovative solutions to facilitate the transformation of the HORECA channel.
Their intelligent AI-powered self-scanning system, visioncheckout, enhances the customer experience, as customers do not need to select products on the screen. Simply approaching the visual recognition system with Artificial Intelligence scans and automatically recognizes the menu, dish, or order, calculates the bill instantly, and the customer can pay immediately with their contactless card or mobile.

"This innovative solution facilitates pre-payment in 5.5 seconds. It offers significant advantages, especially in the corporate and collective areas, but also in restaurants where reducing queues at the checkout is sought."
One of its advantages is that it automatically integrates with TCPOS, Zucchetti's POS software for HORECA. A powerful and innovative solution that allows managing orders, kitchen, loyalty programs with virtual cards, accepting mobile or contactless card payments, and even automating inventory, one of the great challenges of the hospitality industry.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the essential role of MagoCloud, Zucchetti's cloud ERP software, which, integrated with TCPOS, facilitates comprehensive management of all processes, from invoicing and accounting to warehouse management, providing a 360-degree view of the business.

With this proposal presented at HIP 2024, companies have the opportunity to implement technologies to optimize their internal processes and confidently adapt to the future of the HORECA channel. All of this with a single provider who will be their technological partner throughout the digitization process.