Tilby 5.0 Is Here

Find Out The Main New Features Of The New POS Software

As we have already announced, the year 2024 is full of new features: version 5.0 of Tilby is available, representing a revolution for our POS system.

This update introduces huge improvements to the software. Tilby 5.0 is even easier to use, faster in performing every task, giving you even more control over every aspect of your business.

It will be a step-by-step change, to get you used to the new features. You will be able to activate or deactivate the new version at any time, and we encourage you right away to reach out to us in case any errors or problems might occur.
Now, let’s take a look at all the main new features.

New graphics and simplified interface
The graphical interface is the first noticeable change.

The new quick side menu allows you to switch faster through Reservations, Tables, Till and Customers modules. Fewer touches for maximum benefit.

The Till module has been completely redesigned by introducing new options to customize the graphics.

For example, you can now change the color of categories and payments, as well as find all your current tasks on one screen. In this new version of Tilby, we have included a beautiful new ergonomic keyboard, designed to make your work even more easier.

The Tables has also been transformed, introducing advanced gestures and new furniture elements, such as partitions, plants, sofas, countertops, and chairs, which you can insert to faithfully reproduce the spaces of your restaurant.

Running a restaurant business? Ordering and Till modules are now in one spot!
Another important innovation introduced by Tilby 5.0 is the integration of the Ordering and Till modules.

To date, restaurant businesses using Tilby have productively used the special Ordering module to collect restaurant, takeaway or delivery orders from their customers. From now on, the same operations can be performed directly on the Till module, which allows you to immediately start collecting requests from your customers just as you did on Ordering.

Order processing time will be faster, but without sacrificing all the customization options already available such as variations, addition of ingredients, cooking levels, and so on.

You will no longer need to press "Request bill", saving your time and reducing the complexity of use.

Increasingly high-performance POS software
We have also updated the way Tilby stores and processes your transaction data, using the latest technology. The result for the final user of Tilby is a faster and more accurate application that reduces typos and inconsistencies.

Detailed transaction history for all sales
Every sale or service is composed of many transactions. Errors and disruptions are inevitable, and it is not always easy to understand where they come from. That is why the Sales History feature has been enhanced in the new version of Tilby, so you can have a detailed transaction history.

Thanks to the new Sales History you will be able to move through what happened during the sale, and it will be easier to spot mistakes, inconsistencies or even unprofessional staff behavior.

Restaurateurs will be able to see who assigned the table, added a product, added another product, requested the pre-billing, etc.

Merchants will be able to examine each step of the sale, any discounts applied, returns, and so on.

New interface on smartphones

On smartphones, graphics have been updated to make everyday work easier.

The one-hand layout is designed to access the main functions allowing you to multitask. Therefore, the proportions adjust to the size of your hand and make it less tiring to use. Even with a smaller screen, the graphics are clearer and intelligible.

Communicate with your waiters even without connection
Tilby is a natively cloud-based POS system: operations performed by one account are updated in real time on all others, provided an Internet connection is available. Otherwise, the app will continue to work but changes will be saved to the cloud only when the device comes back online.

With Tilby's new Orders app, this limitation disappears. Orders does not require an Internet connection to work because devices can talk to each other when connected to the same local network (wifi or wired), updating the status of tables and orders.

In addition, being dedicated solely to order taking, the Orders app is much lighter and can run on less fast and powerful devices.

You can download Tilby's Orders app for free on the Play Store for Android devices, and on the App Store for iOS devices. As your central POS device, you can continue to use Windows, Android, iOs or Mac OS devices that meet the minimum system requirements.

Want to try the new Tilby?
As anticipated, switching to Tilby's new interface is optional. If you want to preview the new version of the POS you can go to Settings > General > Preferences > Till and select the appropriate option. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service department.