MagoCloud, MagoWEB And Mago4

More And More Interactions Between Man And Machines

Mago also approaches the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) world, where the synergy between machines, workplaces and people come together with the aim of speeding up and optimizing everyday production processes.

For this purpose, the new OpenMES module was created and offers a series of additional features to the Basic and Advanced Mago functionalities.

It is now possible with it to manage the assignment of Manufacturing Orders to resources, both for individual employees and entire teams, for an efficient and clear daily scheduling. A new management of messaging born too: fast to use, simple to manage for general and informative or for particular purposes.

Use the new “Process Assignment” and “Messages Management” procedures to organize your daily work, direct the most delicate tasks into expert and trusted hands and, at the same time, send detailed messages that can guide or simply help in managing your company's activities.

Don't forget that the module, however, offers so much more
A new service provider is born for you, entirely dedicated to the management of information and the collection of the main production data; to quickly and easily collect machine setup and processing times, declare produced quantity in relation to conforming products, second choice and scrap, always keeping your inventory and storages aligned and tracking the related costs in an appropriate and transparent manner.

All together with the new integration with OperaMES, the Zucchetti software specialized in collecting production data from A to Z. A powerful application at your service, the result of years of experience and now usable in synergy with your Mago4, MagoCloud or MagoWeb solutions.