ZCS, tracking systems for the Ho.Re.Ca industry

For the first time, the Automation Division has been exhibiting at Host Milano

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS), a Tuscan company headquartered in Arezzo's Valdarno area, was born in 1985 as a Software House. Evolving into a multi-business company with branches and subsidiaries throughout Italy, it has become a leader in digitalisation, mechatronics and renewable energies. Since 1993, the Automation Division has specialised in RFID tracking systems, offering integrated, intelligent, modular and flexible solutions tailored to diverse customer needs.

The ZCS Automation Division is an outstanding technological partner for steering the Services & Hospitality world toward a more sustainable and digital future.

For the first time, the Automation Division has been exhibiting at Host Milano, the renowned international fair dedicated to the catering and hotel industry, on 13-17 October 2023 at the Fiera Milano. Our solutions tailored for two specific sectors have been presented: laundries serving the hospitality industry and hotels, casinos and entertainment groups that directly manage the linen and clothing of employees and guests.

"Our thirty years of experience in the tracking industry validate our expertise in this area," proudly states Claudio Raffaelli, Sales Director. "We have developed specialised products, including SaaS solutions, which enable customers to manage their laundry processes using software, services and machinery for precise and efficient tracking of both incoming and outgoing linens. Utilising advanced reading boxes and portals, we effectively manage the distribution of linen to storerooms across multiple floors, significantly reducing losses and circulating materials. “We guide our customers along a path of digital and sustainable tracking,” continues Raffaelli. “Besides the considerable cost savings, there is also a lower environmental impact because fewer materials are put into circulation.”

Divisional Manager Maurizio Casol also highlights the economic, management and fiscal benefits of tracking systems, particularly in the effective control of material inventories. "By employing efficient and integrated RFID-based tracking systems – that is, using radio frequency chips embedded in laundry items, alongside management software known as TRAK and SMART equipment,” he explains, “we can optimise workflows and understand the storage times of textiles through indicators that help us to significantly minimise excess material in stock and losses, resulting in a reduction in material waste of 30% to 40% when compared to traditional methods without tracking.”

Solutions tailored specifically for the Hotel and Casino sector also include ZCS automated systems for the automatic management and distribution of customised uniforms.

“Our Phoenix system ensures complete tracking of all tagged uniforms, flat linen and sponges within the facility, thus greatly reducing the dispersion of garments,” emphasises Alessio Benevieri, Sales Manager. “Moreover, it leads to substantial cost savings by optimising space usage, cutting down reserved areas and cloakroom usage by approximately 80-90%. Additionally, it provides an efficient 24/7 service through a fully automated uniform distribution system, which is always available to employees," says Benevieri.

"We pay the utmost attention to the space occupied and allocated to the machines in the various facilities. For the collection of dirty laundry, we offer a range of pick-up doors consisting of 10-15 different models according to the customer's space requirements. We have also developed a rotating distribution unit for the automatic distribution of non-customised and folded items, which allows us to deliver up to 900 items within just one square meter," concludes Benevieri. 

ZCS, tracking professionals also for the world of Services & Hospitality.