Goodbye Mino, your spirit as a great innovator will always be an inspiration to us!

On Thursday, September 14, the founder of Italy's first software group left us.

At the age of 85, Domenico ('Mino' to everyone) Zucchetti, the entrepreneur who brought information technology to the working world, passed away.
Born in 1938 in Cornegliano Laudense in a family of farmers, Mino graduated in Economics and Commerce at the age of 23 and, after obtaining tenure as professor of Accounting at the Bassi Institute in Lodi, decided to open his own accounting firm.
During his professional activity, he got to know the first computers of the time and thus was born the entrepreneurial idea that changed his history and that of information technology in Italy: to create the first software for tax returns.Zucchetti achieved a remarkable record of success that inspired numerous others to follow suit. This achievement was so significant that it propelled Zucchetti to become the top Italian software company in terms of revenue, serving over 700,000 clients comprising both businesses and professionals.

Tenacity, passion, and the will to work with commitment and quality and to continually surpass himself are the values on which Mino founded his company, but above all, he conveyed to his collaborators the mission of improving people's lives with technology and innovation.
An enlightened entrepreneur, a forerunner of the times, a man proud of his farming and Lodi roots. An example of humility and common sense.

Farewell Mino, we promise to carry your legacy with pride, we will forever be inspired by the business philosophy you entrusted to us, one that you held dear throughout your work.