Where Italian Tradition Meets Digitalization
Thanks To Tilby

The perfect combination of tradition and digitalization

For the residents of Overath, in Germany, TrisMar Da Nino restaurant has been an institution for 25 years, ever since a young Sicilian family decided to start its business after moving there. Here, over time, Italian culinary tradition has constantly reinvented itself. It has been a gradual but necessary process to keep up with the times, recently enhanced by the digital tools offered by Tilby.

With Tilby's POS management software, in fact, the entire staff of TrisMar Da Nino can access the cloud point of sale remotely 24 hours a day from any device. A tool that results in significant time and cost savings. The perfect combination of tradition and digitalization allows the restaurant to attract more and more Italian and German customers who are seeking a dual experience: enjoying typical food while spending convivial moments in true Italian style.

TrisMar Da Nino was opened by Sebastiano Marino's father-in-law in 1998. Sebastiano now is the current manager. Since 1998, the restaurant has gained recognition, thanks to Sebastiano and his family's passion, who have carried it forward with care and dedication, striving to make it innovative and digitized. We asked Sebastiano to tell us how, from generation to generation, his establishment has managed to keep up with the times and how Tilby's cloud point of sale has improved the quality of service, bringing many benefits.

How have you managed to maintain your roots while introducing new innovative tools in the restaurant
We were born and raised in Germany, but our hearts are in Italy. We wanted to take a risk and do something crazy: to make Sicilian cuisine and tradition appreciated by the Germans. After 25 years, I can say that we have succeeded, with great satisfaction. This place used to be a factory, now we have an open kitchen, a pizza restaurant, and even a shop selling Italian cold cuts and typical food products. Thanks to Tilby, we have been able to bring innovation while keeping our culinary roots firmly intact.

If there have been any moments of difficulty, how did you manage to overcome them?
We faced moments of fear and discouragement, especially during the pandemic and with the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and the resulting crisis. We struggled to find staff and experienced price increases in raw materials and bills. However, we managed to overcome these difficulties, and today the business is thriving, thanks also to the digital management tools that allow us to always monitor the inventory, stocks, the store, reservations, and more. Like in any endeavor, there have been moments of crisis, but with love, passion, and dedication, we have been able to move forward and bring a piece of Italy to Germany. Today, we look to the future with optimism.

What do your restaurant's customers appreciate the most?
Undoubtedly, our customers appreciate our brand the most. After 25 years, we have built an excellent reputation. It's not enough to be meticulous; results are also necessary, and fortunately, we have achieved them. At TrisMar Da Nino, both Germans and Italians come to enjoy our specialty: pasta with truffle and Parmesan. Initially, it wasn't easy to adapt our culinary traditions to the products available in Germany, but we succeeded. Customers come to us not only for good food but also to experience those moments of kindness, humor, and conviviality typical of the Italian style of dining.

How has the Tilby cloud point of sale helped you?
I must say that the Tilby cloud point of sale has been central to saving time and costs. It's not always easy to adapt to digital solutions; the younger generations are certainly more inclined towards it, but Tilby has effectively met our needs. Thanks to the possibility of having a cloud point of sale, we have improved our business in terms of savings and adaptability over time. Tilby is a user-friendly and manageable software to use.

What are the Tilby tools that you appreciate the most?
Certainly, the ability to have real-time control over the business remotely, 24 hours a day. Even when I'm in Italy, I can check the stock, the inventory available, and any excess. This aspect is crucial for us. Additionally, Tilby allows for personalized service and ongoing evolution, enabling us to create inclusivity. All of my employees can have 360-degree access to the software. By having everything under control, profitability increases. Today, with a tablet, we are more efficient, and even when the restaurant is full, we have more opportunities to take an order and carry out our activities in a coordinated manner. I have had a great experience with this cloud point of sale, and without any doubt, I will continue to use it in the future.