#beZucchetti – Rüdiger Boesen - Zucchetti Germany

Meet Rüdiger Boesen - Global Product Manager POS, a long-standing valuable member of our group, who agreed to share with us his vision and experience at Zucchetti.

What does it mean to you to BeZucchetti?
To BeZucchetti is a way of life for me. My goal is to establish outstanding solutions for our customers in the community of the Zucchetti team.

What does Zucchetti’s purpose “We innovate to improve your life” mean to you? How do you think we at Zucchetti maintain this promise to our clients?
At Zucchetti, we stand alongside our customers and together we look to the future through their eyes.

We market "the power of integration" what does that mean? Why is that a strong point for Zucchetti?
At Zucchetti, we are open to 3rd party solutions and follow an open interface architecture.

Describe a success story in specific sector where integrated solutions were used.
In the catering sector, we offer an integration of our visioncheckout solution via a standard interface to TCPOS. Thereby we provide our customers with the possibility to recognize food and beverages by camera and to pay cashless. The integration was completed in less than 8 weeks!

Why is Zucchetti the perfect fit for the main sector you work for?
Zucchetti offers an open architecture and provides cross-market solutions through it. With Zucchetti's digital solutions, you can buy at home, on the move, at self-service kiosks, in shops or restaurants, digitally, user-friendly, and cashless. The future speaks Zucchetti: #bezucchetti