#beZucchetti – Nico Karges - Zucchetti Germany

Making business with passion as well as turning team work into success is how we work at Zucchetti

Nico Karges, Managing Director of Zucchetti Germany has been a column of our organization for quite some time and shares with us his vision and experience in this new interview.

What does it mean to you to BeZucchetti?
For me, to BeZucchetti means being part of a big company which is still very familiar, and our people make the difference to improve our solutions and make our customers happy.

What does Zucchetti’s purpose “We innovate to improve your life” mean to you?
How do you think we at Zucchetti maintain this promise to our clients?
Each one of us has the opportunity to contribute with their experiences from the customer’s site or respective market to our product management and thereby continuously develop our solutions. In addition, Zucchetti is characterized by its proximity and cooperative partnership with its customers, thus managing to jointly develop solutions further.

We market "the power of integration" what does that mean? Why is that a strong point for Zucchetti?
Looking back to my early days at Zucchetti, I was able to offer exactly one solution - TCPOS - to our customers. Since the internationalization of the Zucchetti Group, we have been able to further develop and serve our customers with a broad product portfolio consisting of integrated solutions.

Describe a success story in specific sector where integrated solutions were used.
We had a former customer that we lost with our single solution TCPOS, but we were able to win back with our integration of TCPOS & MAGO, which is a combination of POS and ERP solutions.

Why is Zucchetti the perfect fit for the main sector you work for?
Zucchetti is a company that comes with a diverse product portfolio and, besides the products, all people who claim to BeZucchetti are passionate about the markets they are working in. This combination of product excellence and market know-how makes us the perfect fit for our customers.