Zucchetti Spain Boosts Sales In The Hospitality And Retail Market

Tilby, Zucchetti Group's cutting-edge cloud-based POS software, is now available to Spanish companies.

The hotel, restaurant and retail sector is undergoing rapid changes in the consumption habits of its customers, accelerated by the new reality after the Covid-19 pandemic where customers use multiple channels to make their purchases and interact with the establishment.

In this new scenario, it is no longer enough to have  a cash register or a simple POS, small hospitality and retail businesses need solutions with which to efficiently manage all sales channels - physical shops, online shops, apps, click & collect, delivery chains... -, facilitate the purchasing process and build customer loyalty. We are experiencing a true digital transformation of small businesses, which need to move towards a management model that provides a 360º and omnichannel vision.

Tilby, Zucchetti Group's cutting-edge cloud-based POS software, is now available to Spanish companies.

In order to respond to this need, Zucchetti Spain has added Tilby, the Zucchetti Group's innovative Cloud POS software, to its portfolio of solutions.  This Cloud POS solution is different from other solutions because it is quick to set up, easy to use and simplifies daily work, allowing for sales analysis, improved customer service and invoicing.

Tilby's innovative cloud technology allows you to manage bookings, orders, stock and sales from a tablet, computer or smartphone, in order to facilitate management. Thanks to its features, there is quick access to accounting, statistics and much more, for all sales channels. The possibility of mobile phone access to monitor shops at any time and from anywhere is particularly useful.

The solution is very intuitive and easy to use. It can be implemented very quickly; all you need is a tablet (IOS or Android), a computer (Windows or Mac) or smartphone and internet access. Thanks to the API's, it can be integrated with other software solutions such as ERP's or PMS's or with the main delivery chains, something that is increasingly demanded by consumers. In addition, it has analysis functionalities for the correct monitoring of sales, customers and employee performance.

This revolutionary solution is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS and IOS and also covers businesses working in international environments.  

An in-depth knowledge of the sector
The Zucchetti Group has a deep knowledge of the hotel, restaurant and retail market, and has a long experience developing and implementing software for this sector, with four powerful POS solutions for all types of businesses and more than 44,500 customers worldwide.

In our country, Zucchetti Spain guarantees a close and personalised service through its team of 300 highly qualified professionals.

A promotion to boost the digitisation of Spanish bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers
In order to boost the digital transformation of small hospitality and retail in our country, companies that hire Tilby before 31 March will benefit from a 25% discount. A unique opportunity to adapt to the new market and be able to compete with large companies and chains in the sector.

In addition, Zucchetti Spain accompanies this launch with the publication of a didactic guide in which it analyses the strategic role of POS software and provides the keys to a new omnichannel management. The guide "POS Software for the small hotel and catering trade" is now available free of charge on the software manufacturer's website.