On Tilby Checkout System, Gift Cards Have Arrived!

The benefits for clients and merchants

The December update of Tilby point of sale software introduced an important feature. Now it’s possible to issue gift vouchers and customized gift cards directly from the till, purchased by customers at the point of sale, from kiosks or e-commerce.
How do Tilby gift cards work and what are the benefits of their use for retail and restaurant merchants? Let’s analyze them in detail.

The benefits for clients and merchants

From a practical point of view, gift cards are a debt instrument given to clients, which can be used as a payment instrument in commercial operations or in chain stores. Now widespread in retail, they represent an ideal gift when you want to offer maximum freedom of use to those who receive them, or when you are afraid of buying the wrong product or size.

In fact, 7 out of 10 people claim to like them as gifts, whether or not they have bought that brand before. (source: First Data Insight).
Due to their flexibility, gift vouchers are also getting popular in the restaurant industry in order to provide food and wine experiences the gift recipient can customize.
For merchants, the gift cards bring several benefits:

  • brand diffusion: besides enhancing the business proposition, gift cards can become a tool for promoting the activity, turning already loyal customers into “ambassadors”. Moreover, they are a means to activate marketing actions, loyalty and behavior study.
  • value increase: average store revenue is often increased to achieve the value of the desired product, through other payment methods.
  • upfront collection: from a strictly practical point of view, the merchant collects the amount of the benefit before selling the product or providing the service. This is regardless of whether the gift card is actually used.

A more detailed analysis of the benefits of gift cards can be found in this post

How gift cards work on Tilby

When a gift voucher is generated, Tilby’s POS system associates a barcode. This can be printed or emailed to you as a PDF, so that you can always have it on your smartphone.

Tilby gift cards provide maximum flexibility: in addition to customizing the name, the merchant can freely set the expiration date, use regulation and amount. You can also create a gift voucher with a defined value, which can be purchased like any other product, and make the credit deferrable over several transactions.

Gift cards can be spent at the issuing store or restaurant. If these belong to a multi-store brand, the credit is also usable at all other stores of the chain. For more details, this resource is available

The gift card feature is available for all countries and all taxation. To take advantage of this new feature on Tilby, simply update your software to the latest version available.
Our customer service team is at your disposal for any information regarding gift cards with the Tilby POS software.