Tilby Cloud POS Software for the Capsule Coffee Chain “Tuttocapsule”

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Mobility is one of the main differences between traditional cash registers and smart point of sales.
The chance to access the point of sales from any device and to monitor the stores, even remotely, is particularly useful for all chains.

Armando Calvetti, Tuttocapsule’s founding member, tells us the reason why he chose the Tilby cloud POS to manage his stores and the advantages of the cloud platform, available from multiple devices.

How was Tuttocapsule born?
Tuttocapsule was born five years ago. We are a business retail specialized in the sales of single-portion coffee: capsules or pods. We offer a direct selection of coffees and other drinks by looking for small and large Italian coffee roasteries to be included in our offer. Our customers are mainly families, but we also supply the offices and other small businesses. We are part of a very dynamic and rapidly growing market: since 2013 we have opened about 90 stores throughout Italy.

How long have you been using Tilby?
More or less, two years. At the beginning, we used another management system. After a while from the beginning of the business, however, we were looking for a more dynamic and flexible tool and more developed technological aspects to manage stores, such as cloud access and company reports. We experienced Tilby and, after testing it in two stores, we decided to use their point of sales management system in all new stores. Moreover, we also planned a reconversion plan for the old stores.

What convinced you to choose Tilby cloud POS software?
The first thing that captured our attention was the Analytics. We came from a previous entrepreneurial experience in which the data analysis and the mapping of business processes was very low. This was, perhaps, the biggest difference.

The second advantage of Tilby point of sales is the possibility to use it from different devices: it’s very convenient. For example, this store is very small, if we had chosen a traditional cash register, we would have had to reduce the quantity of products on the shop window, and this would have negatively affected the turnover. But, with Tilby, we were able to install the software on the smartphone and on the tablet; in this way we saved a lot of space for the cash point.

Another thing of Tilby that we particularly appreciate is the possibility of integrating it with our company ERP to manage our accounting and management aspects, in addition to the association with the Google Data Studio tool, which allows us to create advanced dashboards and statistics starting from data collected on the platform.

What kind of data have you checked since you adopted Tilby Analytics?
Shop assistants can access all statistics and store history directly from their mobile phones. In this way, they can constantly monitor the progress of the day. While, about once a month, we analyze the main KPIs such as the turnover, the average receipt, the quantity of products sold and we compare the different stores’ data.