2022 World Cup in Qatar

Zucchetti In The Field For Stadium Security

The Italian national team, unfortunately, will not participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, scheduled from November 20 to December 18, but Italy has nonetheless 'qualified' thanks to Zucchetti to take part in the organization of the most important soccer event globally.

The Italian software house, in fact, has been chosen to manage access security for six of the eight stadiums where the matches will be played, namely: Al Bayt (stadium chosen for the opening Qatar-Ecuador match), Al Janoub, Ras Abu Aboud, Education City, Khalifa and Lusail (where the final will be played).

The technologies and methods already successfully adopted in the other 120 stadiums Zucchetti deals with around the world were used to read the admission tickets and at the same time check their validity and the spectator's identity in real time: in brief, the ticket (paper or electronic) is equipped with a barcode and an RFID chip that are read by one of the 800 readers installed on the stadium turnstiles.

Marco Marchetti, Managing Director of Zucchetti Axess and Selesta Ingegneria: "The 2022 World Cup that will start on Sunday in Qatar is the most expensive World Cup to date; in fact, it is estimated that the total expenditure for the World Cup is about 220 billion euros. Obviously, we are very proud to have brought Italian excellence to this event as a supplier of innovative access control systems that combine security with practicality and simplicity, as per the client's request.

The only caveat we had to take into account in the implementation of our system is the typical climatic conditions in Qatar: the heat and the wind that brings sand are elements to be carefully considered, while they usually have a less important incidence.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the entire Zucchetti team who worked on the project and the colleagues who will be on site for the duration of the event to ensure the proper functioning of the systems."