Tilby Success Story: Frescobaldi

Innovative technologies for wine’s production and trade: Frescobaldi automatizes processes and improves the customer experience

Marchesi Frescobaldi is a historic family-run Tuscan enterprise. Marchesi Frescobaldi has been active for centuries in the business and trade of prestigious wines with a mission to enhance the land with passion and respect for the tradition. The enterprise, in particular, has 12 locations, which are divided between wine stores and restaurants: from the refined burger shop with artisan products nestled among the vineyards to a luxury restaurant in Signoria Square in Florence.

Through the use of our cash register, Frescobaldi has successfully managed to react quickly and efficiently to the growth process of its stores, by automating operations, optimizing processes and improving the customer experience.

How? Let’s leave the word to Guglielmo Spinicchia, ICT Manager of Frescobaldi.

What led you to adopt cloud software such as Tilby?
We were looking for a tool to integrate with our company management software that would allow us to support the growth of our stores, helping us to manage in an automatic way all accounting aspects and allowing our employees to focus more on customer service. Tilby was the right entity to meet these needs: it was possible to install it simply and quickly, and thanks to Replica Sistemi - System Integrator Zucchetti - we could integrate it with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV management platform.

How does Tilby help you in running your business?
We use Tilby Cloud Point of Sale both in our stores and in our 4 restaurants. In the former, Tilby helps us in many ways: starting with reducing queues at the cash desk, especially during the busiest customer periods, allowing salespeople to automate processes and greatly speed up operations.

In terms of food service, Tilby drives us through the entire order management process: once the orders are taken by the staff, they are sent to the kitchen in real time, speeding up the processes, avoiding the dispersion of information or any errors and reducing customer waiting times.

Which are the main advantages of Tilby?
Tilby plays a key role in warehouse management by making real-time unloads of products as they are sold or broken, it enables timely management of the stock, which is useful both for reordering products and for any returns.

Thanks to the Analytics function, which can be integrated with our sales analysis software, we are also able to monitor which products are most requested by customers - for example how many bottles of a particular wine were sold over the course of a day - thus intercepting their preferences.