Zucchetti Spain analyzes the benefits of SaaS ERP in the Digital Transformation process of companies

ERP as a service, the key to companies' Digital Transformation

In recent years, there has been a huge transformation in the way companies are managed, evolving from traditional methods to the latest generation of ERP software. Covid-19 and the growth of remote working have further boosted this drive towards digitalization.

ERP as a service, the key to companies' digital transformation
ERP management software is no longer a tool reserved for large companies, but has become the key to digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises.
Today there are new models of access and use of ERP and new cloud solutions that allow them to have an advanced tool, compatible with new technologies - e-commerce integration, Big Data and AI for data analysis, robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality and IoT for the Industry. 4.0 - without assuming the technical costs of hardware installation and maintenance.

On Premise management software, ERP SaaS, pay-per-use or free?
With the aim of accompanying companies in their digitalization process, Zucchetti Spain today launches a new guide "ERP as a Service. Benefits of SaaS or pay-as-you-go solutions for digital transformation", in which it highlights the advantages of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for companies of all sizes that want to tackle digital transformation.

The guide analyses the different existing ERP payment models and focuses on SaaS, its benefits for Industry 4.0, its functionalities and the advantages of working with an ERP SaaS in the cloud. In addition, it sets the guidelines for a correct implementation, based on more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing management software solutions.

The guide is now available free of charge at

MagoCloud, the next-generation ERP software designed for the Cloud
Zucchetti Spain offers companies MagoCloud, the Zucchetti Group's cloud ERP developed to exploit the full potential of each business. With a technologically innovative approach, this tool responds to the management needs of companies operating in highly digital contexts.

MagoCloud is an ERP specifically designed for the cloud. Conceived for the digital era, it is highly flexible and usable, easily customizable and integrable with other solutions. It is a natively global ERP, with implementations in companies around the world, providing international coverage. It has a multitude of vertical solutions for specific business sectors and is available in four versions that cover different levels of business complexity. This tool adapts to all types of companies, providing them with maximum savings, accessibility and security in the management of their business.