MagoCloud: “Not For Sale” Subscription

Find out how to configure your NFS Subscription for demos and customization tasks

We have released for Premium and Excellence Partners, the 'Not For Sale' (NFS) Subscription, designed for demos and development activities (internal use only).

You have one (or more) Subscription(s) at your disposal, depending on the level of Partnership you have chosen. With the Not For Sale subscription, you can test the new functionalities of MagoCloud, use the subscription for customer demos, and personalize MagoCloud with the customization and development tools (My Mago Studio, Task Builder Cloud, Reporting Studio Designer), and APIs.

If you are a Premium Partner you get 1 NFS Cloud Subscription, if you are an Excellence you get 2 NFS Cloud Subscriptions and unlimited on-premises NFS (associated with on-premises Partner instances). You can configure your NFS Subscription(s) à la carte, Professional edition, for maximum customization of MagoCloud features and modules.

How to configure a “Not For Sale" subscription?
You can send an activation request to the MagoCloud Support, writing to

Within 24 hours you will be ready to start. You will receive by email all the details to access and complete your settings. We will create a user-admin account, using the data you have provided during the registration process. With your user-admin, you can configure the NFS Subscription, set up and associate other accounts to collaborate with your team.

The Subscription will include:

  • The server module only
  • The default data (linked to the country location of your company).

For the activation of an on-premises NFS Subscription, you can follow the same procedure. When you send the activation request, you need to specify the user-admin account information and also the code of the on-premises Instance you want to associate with the subscription.
We have made some sample data sets available for your demo and test in MagoCloud Store (Menu > Subscription and Account > Import/export data). We have pre-configured some test databases for different needs: basic, manufacturing advanced, WMS, etc.

Starting from June, you will be able to configure your Subscription(s) directly in the MagoCloud Store in total autonomy.
For any further requests, please contact the MagoCloud Support Team at