New Guide to strategic HR management

Zucchetti Spain identifies the 4 axes that determine the new management of human resources

New Guide to strategic HR management.

Zucchetti Spain identifies the 4 axes that determine the new management of human resources

  • Technology, people, talent and space are shaping the new organisational model for companies.
  • a new guide with the keys to a new approach to employee wellbeing, work-life balance and data management.

The organisational model of companies is undergoing major transformations. Space, people, talent and technology are the new axes that determine HR management and are forcing companies to rethink their talent management, training and assessment systems and their working methods.

In the era of remote and smart working, people can work in different locations, and companies need technologies that facilitate data management in this environment. It has also changed the way talent is attracted, trained and assessed, and a strategic approach is needed to accompany the employee throughout their cycle and measure their well-being and productivity.

A must-have guide to digital HR transformation
Old HR management models no longer have a place. Today's businesses need IT solutions tailored to Industry 4.0 to help attract and retain talent, achieve smart workspaces and adopt a new approach based on people analytics.

In order to help companies in this process, Zucchetti Spain today launches a new guide: "The Axes of HR Transformation", a must-have document for those looking to embark on a true digital transformation and start working in a flexible, digital and up-to-date way. The guide is now available free of charge at

Technology, the ally for the digital transformation of HR
To address the new challenges of the digital age, advanced solutions are needed to focus on employee wellbeing, work-life balance and data management and analytics. This is the only way to make the most of all the information generated by the workforce to know what needs to be improved, where and how. These tools must also focus on talent management and attraction to promote agile, versatile workforces that are adaptable to the new market dynamics. It is time to undertake a true digital transformation of HR, in which new technologies will be the companies' ally.

Zucchetti HR, the most complete and advanced HR software solution offering on the market
HR departments will find in Zucchetti HR the tools they need to tackle this digital transformation. It is the most complete IT solution offering on the market, the ultimate in intelligent HR management: employee portal, budget control, workflow management, task planning, work reports, talent management, people analytics, time management, mobility, workspaces, business travel and commuting... All in a single suite and with a single supplier, Zucchetti Spain, the technology partner for the digital transformation of HR.