Find out the latest stages of In-recruiting's growth

New features and new markets

In-recruiting continues to grow and support recruiters in managing the recruiting and talent acquisition process. It adds Sendin to its offering, a new feature to improve communication with candidates during and after the search and selection process.

Sendin: the tool for improving the communication with candidates
Communication plays an essential role and recruiters must make the best use of every tool available to them to engage with candidates.

In-recruiting launches Sendin, the new tool for creating and managing SMS and Newsletter campaigns integrated within the Applicant Tracking System. It provides recruiters to send massive communications to candidates and manage them in an automated way, without leaving the recruiting software.
Sendin allows to use short and direct messages (SMS) to quickly send important communications to all types of candidates. Or even create more professional email campaigns and newsletters that reflect the Employer Branding of the company.

With Sendin recruiter can:

  1. Create SMS and Newsletter for every need and customize templates with drag and drop editor;
  2. Choose the target and select candidates directly from the internal ATS database;
  3. Plan the campaigns and set the sending times and frequencies;
  4. Consult campaign analytics and monitor useful data to assess the effectiveness of communications;
  5. Manage communications with respect to privacy from within the ATS.

In-recruiting lands in Brazil
In-recruiting's continued growth has strengthened in Italy. In 2021, In-recruiting entered other international markets. After the French one, In-recruiting lands the Brazilian market, with the acquisition of the first customer through Zucchetti Brasil.