MagoCloud New Updates

Webinar on the 1.5 New Release and New Store Coming Soon

Did you attend the webinar “What's new in MagoCloud 1.5”?

An anticipation of new projects, coming in September
Did you miss the webinar on July 8th? The International Pre-Sales team gave a preview of what's coming in September with the release of MagoCloud 1.5. Read on to get an overview of the most relevant topics. If you want to watch the recorded session, please contact us.

During the webinar, we discussed the following four main topics:

  • Architecture & Infrastructure
  • ERP
  • Tools
  • Development tools

A Cloud solution should always be available at any time and in any part of the world. Architecture and Infrastructure play a leading role in service with these requirements and characteristics. For this reason, a lot of work has been done and is still being done to optimize three aspects of MagoCloud architecture: High Availability, Log Monitoring and Canary Update. Regarding ERP-related new features, there will be some improvements related to point of sale management. The first one is “Automatic reordering through the rules”, which will allow you to generate purchase requests, orders to the supplier or transfer requests independently and simultaneously.

We began with another topic: Food Recipes and the management of information related to the increases that products undergo during their processing. It will also be possible to attach cooking instructions to Recipe, in various formats (video, pdf or Html), which would be accessed not only via Mago, but also using InStore App. Some improvements will also be introduced for InStore App. From September onwards, it will be possible to insert batches manually during inventory procedures, a pop-up will be displayed to allow the warehouse worker to search for the proper batch easily. Also from 1.5 onwards, notifications will be available directly in the App. The application will remind you of tasks still to be completed and will notify you of requests that need to be handled, whether generated in the ERP or sent by colleagues from other stores. Another improvement will be related to Deposit management (available for Austria and Germany). In the Item Master Data it will be possible to indicate an additional Item, that will be recalled in all the sales and purchase documents. The additional item will be considered as a deposit and it will impact the document value and the storage inventory entries too.

“Sales/purchase documents: automatic controls in case of modification”, this project will offer the possibility to keep under control any modification (editing or cancellation) of Sales and Purchases Documents under certain conditions. The user will not be allowed to modify a sales or purchase document in any circumstances.

The feature “Sales Cancellation Invoice” (Available only for the German market) will provide the possibility to generate automatically a Sales Cancellation Invoice directly from the Invoice document that has already been posted to accounting. The Sales Cancellation Invoice cannot be generated manually. The Pre-Sales team then discussed the last two topics: Tools and MagoCloud Development Tools. They presented Scheduler to schedule batch procedures in MagoCloud; Auditing to track the activities of Mago users (opening, saving and closing documents; running batches and report) using Grafana; Security to manage employees’ permissions to access and edit objects (documents, reports... everything on the menu). MagoCloud Dashboards will offer a graphic representation of your company data, starting from September there will be available and customizable, using Reporting Studio Designer.

The Pre-Sales team introduced also Visibility and CGM, two functions that will work together, particularly when you need to share DB data (customers, suppliers, articles, warehouses and agents) between related companies. Visibility will manage the levels of access to corporate data; different access levels can be attributed to specific roles or users. Then we mentioned the procedure for migrating from Mago4 to MagoCloud and last but not least we presented the Development Tools of MagoCloud. The help center now includes a section dedicated to TaskBuilder Cloud, where you can find guides about how to install, configure the development environment and start creating a vertical solution. My Mago Studio now allows the creation of new documents within MagoCloud and gives the possibility to work directly with objects. Starting from September it will be integrated with Reporting Studio Designer and it will be possible to modify batch procedures and customize hot-links and radar.

Store MagoCloud
Completely redesigned, the new store will soon be online

Essential and user-friendly are the keywords that have guided us during the restyling of MagoCloud store. What will you find online in the upcoming weeks? 
A website,, with a completely revised look and structure. We have rethought the flows of the purchasing process and also of the subscription and account management. There are many new features that we can't wait to show you. 
Let's start with the dashboard section, easily reachable from the hamburger menu. The card page structure gives you quick access to the most used features. Icons and call-to-actions guide you from one section to another. The new graphic layout makes the purchasing process much easier, guiding you step-by-step through the configuration of the perfect MagoCloud solution for your customers. The entire configuration flow has been redesigned: from the choice of the Industry (or MagoCloud à la carte) to the selection of the additional features and Specialized users.

We know that define the perfect configuration of an ERP is a complex process. We have therefore divided the activity into three steps, which you can easily browse through. First of all, you can select the Country, which is the functional localization managed by MagoCloud, then choose the edition and the number of users, and finally add additional features and specialized users. You can “walk it back” at any time and make any changes. A useful summary window follows you through the purchase process, providing a brief overview of the set-up and the final price. At the end of the purchasing process, you can continue with the payment or save the quotation in your wishlist. You can edit it later or share the pdf with your customers.

Last but not least, the subscription and account section has been completely redesigned. The management of multiple subscriptions and accounts is made even more user-friendly by using a tab layout. You can verify information, create new accounts, link them to subscriptions and assign roles, in a few simple steps. Filters and search masks are helpful to keep an eye on the most relevant information about your customers and manage their subscriptions.