Mago4 migration to the Cloud and new webinar

Give a further boost to the digitalization of your customers' business processes

Migrating from Mago4 to MagoCloud

The steps to follow to migrate to the Cloud

Changing ERP is always an ambitious project for a company and at the same time a successful one because it represents a relevant opportunity to make a technological upgrade. Especially with the migration from Mago4 to MagoCloud, you can give a further boost to the digitalization of your customers' business processes.

After defining the goals and results that the customer wants to achieve by migrating to the Cloud and then determining the right MagoCloud configuration for his company's needs, we can focus on the central aspect, the migration of data from the Mago4 database.

We have defined two options:

  • From Mago4 SQL to MagoCloud Postgres
  • From Mago4 SQL to MagoCloud SQL

The first step is to back up the customer's Mago4 database and save a copy accessible to our team. The script, which was developed specifically for the migration, analyzes the table structure in the Mago4 database and defines which tables are standard and which ones have been added or modified as a result of customizations and vertical solutions.

Once the new MagoCloud subscription is ready, the standard tables are migrated by the Microarea team into the MagoCloud DB, the non-standard ones are also transferred generating a certified copy.
A first test is run to verify if the procedure runs properly. If so, and the customer confirms that the data is complete, the actual migration can take place. The test is also useful to determine how long it takes to make the migration effective and minimize the company downtime.

The migration procedure is carried out by the dedicated Microarea team.

Webinar | What's new in MagoCloud 1.5
An overview of the new features coming in September

Don't miss the webinar that anticipates what's new in MagoCloud 1.5, to be released in early September.
We look forward to seeing you online on 8 July from 5 to 6 pm (CET).
The Zucchetti International Pre-Sales team will present the new features of MagoCloud. Just a couple of spoilers… My Mago Studio development tools, Security and Scheduler, the possibility to configure MagoCloud on-premise and to migrate from Mago4. Important updates also for the modules Store Management.

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