An exceptional and safe summer camp experience with SPORTRICK

The right tool to manage the administrative processes behind the summer camps, allowing operators to focus on users' experience

From web registration to sales and attendance tracking. SPORTRICK is the tool that takes care of the administrative processes behind the summer camps, allowing operators to focus on users' experience.   

We are ready to manage 2021 summer camps
Thanks to SPORTRICK, summer camps users will be able to register, purchase summer camp services from the comfort of their living room, while operators can ensure a safe and seamless experience without too many organisational and bureaucratic tasks. Here are some of the most important features included in the system:  

  • Web registration 
Thanks to a customised online registration form integrated with the management system, parents do not need to physically go to fill out the paper forms for a summer camp enrolment, but can do everything online using their smartphone, tablet or PC. The form is fully adaptable and can include all the necessary fields, from standard ones (name, surname, pictures etc..) to specific ones like food allergies and intolerances, level of knowledge of certain disciplines etc. Downloading and uploading all the necessary documents during registration, such as authorisations, co-responsibility agreements, etc. will also be possible. The documents will be collected by the front office operators and filed within the customer’s profile.
  • Online purchase and receipts 
SPORTRICK's e-commerce portal allows parents to purchase summer camp services within a few clicks and to download the purchase receipts.
  • Access control and presence tracking  

Access control has become of high importance when it comes to manage and control flows of people in places of social aggregation, and no one does it like SPORTRICK and the integrated Zucchetti Axess hardware. Thanks to the system, operators can in fact know how many and which people are in the facility at any time.  

  • Track attendance and contacts 

Tracking covid's contacts has never been so simple. Thanks to this feature, educators will be able to track each child at any time and in any place so that if there should be a positive result, acting in a safe and targeted manner will always be possible. In this regard, SPORTRICK allows operators to know where the child was and with whom he came in contact.

  • Entries list always available

Operators can download a list of people with their contact details and forward them to health institutions in case of need. 
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