Mago4 and MagoCloud New Updates

InStore App for Retailers and the development tools for MagoCloud available from release 1.4

InStore App for Retailers: discover the new features and manage your store on the go

Check availability of items and transfer them from other shops, reorder products from suppliers and manage the receipt of goods, plan inventories and much more, directly from your smartphone or tablet

Powerful, user-friendly and intuitive, InStore App is tailored to the retail sector and designed for seamless integration with MagoCloud and Mago4 ERP. InStore App supports Shop assistants in their daily tasks, both in sales activities with customers and in stock management. 

If we take the example of a clothing shop, member of a big chain, it often happens that a customer can't find exactly the size and color he/ she desires. With InStore App, the sales assistant can provide immediate support to the customer. Thanks to the application the shop assistant can search the product easily, using the barcode reader of the camera or searching for: article name, code, seasons, categories, brands, etc. All data were previously entered in Mago4 and MagoCloud.

Quickly check of stock availability
Multiple options allow the Shop Assistant to quickly find what the customer needs and display relevant information such as code, product description and price range, directly into the App. The 'stock check' function also allows checking availability for different sizes and colors in just a few clicks, not only in that shop but also in other stores of the same chain, in different cities.

Shop Transfer Requests Management 
If the product is not available in the shop, the sales assistant can easily order it from another affiliated store or let the system decide from which warehouse the article should be sent by entering a general request. The goods receipt process can also be managed on the move. Synchronization with Mago4 and MagoCloud is immediate; requests generated in the App are transferred to the ERP and back in just a few moments.

New: Manage the receipt of goods sent by suppliers
The goods receipt procedure allows the operator to start the procedure directly in InStore App, by entering some data: Supplier, date and number of the Bill of Lading that will be generated. After selecting the store of interest, the operator can load the open orders for that specific supplier in two ways: scanning the purchase order or using the function load orders. Once the desired orders have been selected, the system extracts only those lines related to that point of sale, that have not been canceled and for which the delivery has not been closed. Once the complete list has been received, the Shop Assistant can specify what goods have been supplied and the related quantity. Once the scanning of quantities has been completed, the operator proceeds to the Confirmation of receipt directly in the App. This action leads to the generation in Mago of the Bill of Lading and the updating of the Purchase Order.

New: Articles reorder directly from suppliers
The Purchase order procedure is another important new feature of InStore App.

The shop assistant can easily add the items to be reordered and set the related variants by barcode scanning. He/ she can also recall a Reorder List, managed by the store and select the supplier and the location. The App recalls the information available in Mago (Items Master). If this information is missing in Mago, the preferred supplier is used, otherwise, the field remains empty. The quantity to be reordered is suggested based on the analysis of maximum and minimum stock. The employee then checks the Expected Delivery Date, which is linked to the settings defined in Mago. A criterion has been added in the InStore Parameters to automatically confirm the request sent by the operator via InStore App and to proceed with the generation of the Purchase Orders.

In order to verify in Mago the Purchase Orders generated in InStore App, the fields: External Programme and To be processed automatically have been added to the Purchase Request.

Unscheduled and Planned Inventories directly in InStore App
InStore App is an essential tool also when it comes to taking inventories. It is possible to manage two types of inventory: Unscheduled and Planned. The first one is started and managed directly in the App, the second is generated in Mago and managed using the App. The synchronization between Instore App Mago is automatic. The back office and the warehouse manager can track the recount process in Mago via the Inventory Procedure, accept changes or request up to 3 recounts. InStore App is available for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play. Your customers can easily use it from both mobile phones and tablets. The functionality is only available with the modules: Store Management, InStore Mobile and Variants for Store Management.

MagoCloud development tools
Discover the features of MyMago Studio and TaskBuilder Cloud available starting from MagoCloud 1.4

A highly-anticipated novelty of MagoCloud are the development tools, we refer to MyMago Studio e TaskBuilder Cloud, that will be released with MagoCloud 1.4. Thanks to MyMago Studio you can customize different elements of MagoCloud interface, such as the application menu. Also add and extend enumerations, edit tables, add columns and variables. The changes made are managed via logical DB and stored in a dedicated json structure. You can also edit existing MagoCloud documents and create new ones by adding grids and fields to the logical DB charts. With TaskBuilder Cloud you can develop vertical solutions integrated with MagoCloud, applications that work in symbiosis with the ERP. Moreover, thanks to its architecture with native support for REST APIs, MagoCloud is able to communicate easily with external microservices. We have already introduced in November 2020 the functionality of Reporting Studio Designer, the tool designed to create and customize MagoCloud reports: modify the layout, edit and add new fields.

We will soon schedule some training courses dedicated to MyMago Studio and TaskBuilder Cloud. The RS Designer training webinar is already available at this link.