The right content, at the right time.

Simple Booking integrates new feature for clients hotels customization

Simple Booking has introduced a new feature called ‘’Enchanting Messages’’.

This feature - which confirms our focus on providing technological innovation always aimed at increasing conversion and direct online sales - allows our client hotels to define customised persuasive messages with titles, abstracts and photos or videos displayed in our public UI.
These push messages can be configured to display different content and stimuli depending on the type of customer or query.

We now allow the right content to be communicated to the right visitors according to the period queried, number of guests, number of nights, etc., conveying, for example, cultural or food and wine events, special promotions, experiences that can be enjoyed in a given period, and additional services specific to the type of customer.
So a kind of assistant that will tell your customer the right thing to support him in his decision to book directly and immediately.

See here an example of a demo querying for a weekend for 2 people.

It's a small but significant and appreciated innovation!