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Seamless shop-management and MagoCloud à la carte

MagoCloud e Mago4 for Fashion Retail

Store Management module even more integrated with TCPOS for seamless management of shops

The Store Management module of MagoCloud and Mago4 integrated with TCPOS allows your customers to better manage all the needs arising from the sale of products and the management of shops and retail chains. The entire sales cycle is under control thanks to the integration with TCPOS, which manages different payment methods and currencies.

Transactions issued by TCPOS solution for the point of sales (receipts, invoices, uncashed receipts) are immediately transferred to MagoCloud and Mago4. Receipts can be recorded as stock and accounting movements at the same time as the document is issued or at a later date, according to the settings in the ERP. Even if the stock movement is recorded at a later date, the user will always have up-to-date information on the quantities in stock. Other Store Management functionalities are designed specifically for the fashion retail sector: enter new items and easily manage data, descriptions and attributes through retail categories, manage variants, create specific price-lists for point of sale, plan price campaigns, record loyalty cards and payments per specific customer. Don’t forget the opportunities offered by Mago e-Commerce, our solution for selling online, which is fully integrated with the ERP.

You can add information such as logos, product images and easily editable descriptions to the items listed in Mago. The management is based on “retail categories”, which allow a logical organization of products (e.g. men's shoes > sports shoes > sneaker). You can easily manage different versions of the same article by using Variants. It is possible to define up to 3 Variant types per article. Not only sizes but also, for example, colours and materials. An important innovation in Variants is the possibility of creating Variant Lots, the quantities of my product in a box or pallet may be different. A supplier could supply 5 S / 10 M / 15 L / 2 XL for the same T-shirt. Thanks to Variants Iots I know exactly the quantities available for each product and its variants.

The Variant Spreading Templates also allows you to define a distribution criterion for the automatic distribution of the various variant codes. It is therefore possible to automatically distribute the quantities in the various measures. These functionalities simplify the order-to-supplier procedures.

It is also possible to create seasonal assortments and assign them to a shop. You can only include available articles and set the duration in time of that specific assortment. Register new customers directly from TCPOS terminals is very simple, the user can manually enter data such as loyalty card number, VAT number, tax code, address, etc. The system matches the information submitted by the operator with the information already available in Mago (VAT number and tax code are checked first). These are just some of the functionalities of the Store Management module that are specifically designed for the fashion retail sector.

MagoCloud à la carte
For a completely customized ERP solution

In February we introduced MagoCloud à la carte, which provides the possibility to configure MagoCloud from scratch and create the Cloud ERP solution that best suits your customers' business needs.

MagoCloud à la carte enhances the MagoCloud commercial offer and is available in four editions (standard, premium, professional, enterprise), which are designed for different levels of business complexity. The power of your ERP grows according to the version you choose. The standard and premium versions provide storage spaces and features that are tailored for a more agile administration of your business; the professional version allows unlimited entry of suppliers and customers, documents, items... as well as more storage spaces. Finally, the Enterprise version provides features and maximum performance to meet even the most complex business needs.

Starting from the home page of MagoCloud Store you can configure MagoCloud à la carte in a few simple steps. Compare the features available in the 4 different editions and choose which functionalities to include from those available for the different application areas: Financials Accounting, Sales & Purchase, Production, Warehouse and Logistics, Store Management and Mago e-Commerce.

At the end of the process, you can save the configuration and download a summary document in pdf for quick sharing with your customer.