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Download the new price list and learn more about Reporting Studio Designer

New Mago4 price list available

Some changes for CGM, Food Recipes and Variants Size/Colors modules

The new Mago4 price list is available in the private area of the Microarea website

The regular updating of the Corporate Group Management, Food Recipes and Variants Size/Colors modules has revealed some incompatibilities, which are listed in detail in the new price list. Sales prices remain unchanged.

Download the new price list here

Reporting Studio Designer for MagoCloud

How to create and personalize a custom report

Reporting Studio Designer for MagoCloud (RS Designer) is designed to create and customize MagoCloud reports. The tool is available starting from the release 1.2.1 and you can download it from the menu item of MyMagoStudio.

Reporting Studio designer for MagoCloud has been developed with a line of continuity with the desktop version. You can easily customize or create new reports, taking advantage of an interface and features already known, enriched for the ERP Cloud solution.

Once your account is set as power-user and power-user-report (a MyMagoStudio active licence is necessary), you are able to edit reports from the usual starting points: menu items, a document, a procedure and report or the “User Report” button. The pencil icon that allows changes to the report will always be visible, thanks to the activation of MyMagoStudio.

Using the "upload report" function into MagoCloud “Explorer” you can also import reports, already created for Mago4. Follow these steps: choose a specific module, select the user for whom you want to save (all or the current user) and rename the file name. These reports can then be further customized using RS Designer.

All the functionalities already provided by the on-premise version are also available in RS Designer for MagoCloud. Starting from the agile creation of objects, using simple drag & drop, passing through an enhanced data extraction using the SQL language, up to the user-friendly data visualization thanks to the possibility of adding graphs and secondary layouts.

The new controls allow a graphical breakup of the table, the repetition of column headings and the addition of a subheading into the table. "Special" objects, such as the repeater, allow the processing of repetitive information in just a few clicks, such as labels or as summary information useful for a better understanding of the charts displayed.

Getting started with RS Designer for MagoCloud is easy! For more detailed information regarding the tool, we suggest watching the recording of the webinar  presented by the RS team in November, and also to download the material available in Microarea University and MyZucchetti.


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