Mago New Updates

New functionality for Purchase Requests now available and the Webinars “Reporting Studio Designer for MagoCloud”

The generation of Purchase Requests is now available in the Purchase Orders module

Manage your logistic in an even more efficient way, thanks to the functionality introduced for Mago4 and MagoCloud

A punctual and efficient management of purchases is always essential, both to guarantee the business productivity and the satisfaction of customers’ orders, and to keep under control costs for warehouse management. These results can be obtained by maintaining a correct balance between the control of stocks and a careful analysis of the timing of supplying.To allow customers a more flexible management of the supply process, the Purchase Requests in Mago4 and MagoCloud, are now also available with the Purchase Orders module, unlike before, when they could only be managed in the presence of the Base or Advanced Planning modules.

Purchase Requests become a fundamental ally of the purchasing department. The operator can manually insert the supply requests of supplies and services in punctual and timely way, whether they come from the manufacturing departments, from the commercial channels or directly from the warehouse operators. The colleagues of the departments can autonomously manage the insertion of the Requests and the purchasing department proceeds exclusively to the control and validation.

The PR are in fact completed with all the necessary information (quantity, units of measure, requested delivery dates and order issues, prices and discounts, accounting and logistic information...), which can be filled in manually or generated automatically, if already associated to the ordered article and its supplier into Mago.

With the "Purchase Orders Generation from Purchase Requests" procedure, the process of supply request ends. The information collected before the final confirmation can be eventually exploited and modulated to optimize the purchasing process down to the smallest detail. Two reports are also available. "Purchase Request Sheet" to have an overview of the PR entered, with the possibility to filter amongst those already fulfilled - or not - , and quickly access the purchase order already processed. The "Purchase Requests List" report shows a summary of the PR inserted in the system.

Your Area manager is at your disposal for further details.

Reporting Studio Designer for MagoCloud

The tool to create and customize reports has been presented to Partners in two dedicated webinars

Thanks to all Partners for participating in the webinars dedicated to Reporting Studio Designer for MagoCloud. Manuela Testa and Riccardo Raccuglia, from Mago's Reporting Studio team, proposed to the participants a complete overview of the tool, dedicated to reporting, in two live events: Tuesday, November 24th for the Italian partners and Thursday, November 26th for the international ones.

Reporting Studio Designer for MagoCloud is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the layout, edit existing reports and set up new ones, to provide clients with more effective business process management and more accurate data analysis.

During the webinars the speakers first gave participants a complete overview of the choices made on the development side. They described the architecture and the logic of information exchange between server and client. They then showed in demos how to install the tool, how to access the report development mode and how to be immediately operational in the creation of customized reports.The Reporting Studio team then focused on some important news and new features, useful for all those are familiar with Reporting Studio for Mago4 on-premise and can also be exploited for the ERP Cloud. Reporting Studio designer for MagoCloud has been developed keeping the same operating logic of the desktop tool, to guarantee Partners a line of continuity.

The presentation of our experts ended with a session of questions and answers.

Thanks again to all Partners for their attention and participation.

Lost the live webinars? No problem, we will soon make the recordings available.