Sportrick to enhance Omnichannel Fitness Management

The goal: to allow clubs to keep on managing fitness memberships and services anywhere their customers are and under any circumstances.

The health crisis that began in March, and has not yet ended, continues to affect the channel through which the fitness service is delivered.  

Fitness service: how the covid has changed its delivery 
In general, a service is a transaction in which no physical goods are transferred from the seller to the buyer. In the fitness industry, a fitness service means a general fitness or exercise activity provided by, or under the supervision of a fitness professional and using a physical and/or digital channel. Before Covid, the physical channel was the king considering also the relational, social and gathering function that sports facilities had among the people.  Apps, wearables and other technologies were used  mostly  by users and gyms to integrate physical training or to achieve goals like motivating customers, booking classes or as a communication tool.  With the first and now second lockdown, physical spaces speeded up the merge of physical and digital tools in order to differentiate the channel through witch their service was delivered, both to maintain the emotional contact with their customer caused by the closure, but also to maintain their memberships active, in order words, to avoid losing customers. Going online for fitness clubs has become nowadays a must.  

Fitness service: then and now   
As the pandemic has changed the way people can access to fitness services, gyms need to manage this new scenario with a solution that works in this direction. For this reason,  SPORTRICK a cloud solution for fitness centres, gyms and swimming pools, has developed and implemented several new features since March 2020 in order to deliver fitness services through new channels.  

Thanks to the integration between Youtube and SPORTRICK, active members can be integrated with a new service, keeping customers engaged. Gyms can broadcast their classes and make them instantly and exclusively available to the club's members that can follow the class on their smart tv, tablet or smartphone wherever they are.   

On the other hand for clubs who want to take a step further, SPORTRICK offers the opportunity to sell and activate remote personal training services exclusively for users who have bought a certain service. This solution ensures the interaction between the fitness professional and the customer, that can be motivated and followed up thanks to the tracking tools integrated with the system. The live class can be launched directly from the user portal, from where the customer can also manage their bookings and cancellations. This solution allows clubs to offer 100% digital memberships that can be purchased and enjoyed online.   

Moreover, for clubs who want to share and monetise their own branded Fitness Studio's range of online exercise videos, SPORTRICK offers the chance to embed the club's Vimeo library to the ecommerce. With this solution the club can sell a membership that gives access from the ecommerce to the library.  

Finally, SPORTRICK now offers an integration with one of the leading fitness applications, Gympass! The integration is simple to use for both consumers and our clients. Through the Gympass app, non-members now have the option to attend physical and remote classed without committing to full time memberships. The service is available through Gympass channels.  

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