Sportrick and Axess Tmc: Integrated Access Control with Temperature Monitoring

Thanks to this new access control integration, fitness clubs can automatically authorize the access to users with allowed body temperature.

Access control and facility management have been historically the key factors when choosing SPORTRICK as the tool for managing a gym, sport facility or swimming pool, but since the beginning of the pandemic, centers reported difficulties to coordinate measuring customers' temperature and entrance permissions.   

In this context, SPORTRICK met this need by quickly offering MITO-03, which is a new micro thermal Camera by Zucchetti Axess that can be installed on RFid terminals to enable card/QRCode reading only if the person’s temperature is acceptable. 

The way it works is very simple. An easy guided procedure on the display invites the person to the designated area for temperature measurement. The temperature will show on the display: if it is less than 37.5, the message "tap your card" will show up. Conversely, the card reading won’t be activated, and a message or sound can be configured to inform the person. This is a multi-technology system that works with identification solutions such as membership cards, QR codes, barcodes, making it ideal also for occasional access.  

Thanks to this integration, access control during the COVID pandemic, is automated and secured. Check out our online store to know more or get in touch by dropping us an email at