COVID Survival Guide: Lybra Assistant RMS Integrates Flight Search Data

Lybra’s Assistant Revenue Management System, the most complete, machine learning, demand-centric RMS on the market, now offers even more functionality, due to the integration of millions of future flight search data sets from one of the leading OTA metasearch flight booking sites.

Through the new partnership, travelers’ flight search data – including departure city and airport, destinations, travel dates, one- or two-way flights, etc. – and flight selections – including airline, airport, number of stops selected, flight times, etc. – is now accessible through the Assistant RMS dashboard.

In addition, hotels can access the total percentage of demand for their destination, coming from each departure country – and all of the cities/airports within each country - to determine where the most traveler demand is coming from. 

With the combination of the flight search data, Lybra’s Assistant RMS is the only solution that gives revenue managers a complete, real-time, accurate assessment of the future demand within the hotel’s destination, up to 365 days in advance, no matter how the COVID-19 pandemic affects demand worldwide; this information is vital for revenue managers in establishing competitive room rates.

In addition, knowing which travelers are interested in traveling to the property’s destination – and when – gives revenue managers the ability to manage their inventory more effectively, adding more inventory to the booking channels that are most popular.

In short, Lybra’s Assistant RMS – now including global flight and additional macro-level demand data – will help hotels increase their visibility to travelers who are already planning a trip to their destination, earn more bookings rooms at the right price, and through the right channel - increasing revenue and enabling them to beat their competition online.

To find out more about Lybra’s Assistant RMS, visit To partner with Lybra, integrate your solution with the Assistant RMS or to learn more about the newly integrated flight search data feature, please contact Erik Muñoz, Chief Commercial Officer, at