Stand out with Mago's Ecommerce + Konakart!

The integration between Mago and Konakart guarantees an intuitive and highly performing eCommerce solution.

KonaKart is the eCommerce solution for online retailers of all sizes that has the goal of business success through the management of high online sales traffic, with tens or hundreds of thousands of products.

KonaKart has been designed to integrate itself with different systems through the API; the integration between KonaKart and Mago, available thanks to the Store Management application of Mago ERP, makes it a flexible and complete product capable of deploying a wide range of high-level functions.

KonaKart is easy to customize to adapt to each business and to make your online store unique and different from that of your competitors: you can add your logo and styles or completely change the aspect of the store to make it exactly as you wish.

By operating directly in Mago, each item on sale can be enriched with images, descriptions, variants, sizes and colors, but not only: it is possible to associate it with other items to guide the user to purchase inherent, complementary or attractive products for the user.

Orders issued from the online store are sent to Mago to continue their management flow. In this way, the availability of the goods and their possible supply are managed in a simple and fast way: thanks to a typical Mago assortment procedure, the products can be made available, or not, on the website.

You can also activate payment and shipping modules so that the seller can interface with the various gateway payment systems on the market and with the preferred shipping methods.

Once identified on the website, customers can benefit from more advantageous prices, thanks to a customized management of customers and price lists. Furthermore, the coordination of the catalogs allows launching a promotional campaign, scheduled for certain periods, and deciding whether to apply it to all products or only to certain categories.

Mago eCommerce is the right solution to stand out!

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