New Mago Release for Financials Area

Mago4 2.6 makes available a new procedure for handling Dunning Letters

The procedure introduced with the new Mago4 2.6 release in order to manage Dunning Letters deactivates the old management within the print out of the customer account statement and can be activated through the Settings for company/user Payment Schedules Settings.

The new Dunning Letters management provides for a single text for each Dunning Letter level (unlike the previous procedure which set a common opening text and a separate closing text for each Dunning Letter level); the text of each level can be inserted in different languages to send Dunning Letters in the language specified for each customer, thanks to the Language Descriptions.

Based on the selections entered, the procedure extracts the customers to be reminded in a grid with their overdue amounts and you can see a preview of the Dunning Letter with the details of the overdue items. The execution of the procedure prints/sends the Dunning Letters via email and updates the customers' personal data with the details of the Dunning Letters sent.

In the version of Mago localized for Germany you can also indicate an amount of charges for each level of Dunning Letter to be charged to the customer. The execution of the procedure also generates a new batch for the amount of the Dunning Letter fees and a pure accounting movement to record them in the accounts.

You can configure both the report to be used for the Dunning Letter and the text of the email for sending the Dunning Letter.

The news is not over: there are many other important updates and features that also concern other management areas... you can find out everything about Mago4 2.6 by consulting the release notes in the Private Area of the Microarea portal.