Zucchetti Retail Competence Team

iCore means helping our customers grow with a galaxy of applications ranging from POS, to HR management, ERP, Access control, and much more

Hi-Tech, innovative software solutions, top-notch services and happy customers: these are some synonyms of Zucchetti, an international group that, for many years now, has been rapidly expanding its influence in Europe promoting the iCore concept. iCore means helping our customers grow with a galaxy of applications ranging from POS, to HR management, ERP, Access control, and much more, providing a single point of contact for all their needs of digital transformation, simplified processes and maximised results.
The Retail business, a dynamic and multi-faceted reality, is not new for the group. For decades, our POS, ERP and HR solutions have been supporting many important brands worldwide but, considering the ever-increasing need of digital solutions, Zucchetti decided to establish a team of expert dedicated to study and design solutions that will lead Retail towards the future, the Retail Competence Center (RCC)

Why was the Retail Competence Center established in the first place?
With the RCC, Zucchetti manifests its intention to expand its position in the retail market and to become a leading provider of solutions and services. We aim at covering the entire retail value chain, including solution-neutral consulting services. This will enable us to go beyond designing POS software, a sector where Zucchetti needs no introduction considering our important customer base.

Which are the tasks of the RCC and how is it organized?
With the acquisition of Data Connect and ReWa-Soft, the retail knowledge of our group was significantly boosted. These companies have been established for decades in the retail market and are both provided with first class customer references. Founding the RCC was a logical step forward. The Center is guided by the team behind the former company Data Connect. Jürg Baumgartner leads a steering committee consisting of several country managers. Michael Fuchs is responsible for the technical side of all activities. The tasks are the centralization of know-how, the bundling of market information and the international coordination of retail projects. The Center supports teams in different countries in key account and project management, pre-sale activities, and helps studying and launching innovation.The first stage of the RCC work focuses on the DACH region with the intention to rapidly offer our expertise worldwide.

Which are the highlights of the current projects?
The RCC is currently in charge of developing a roadmap for the retail market. Ten different topics have currently been identified, and an additional important topic is the handling of cashless payment transactions, with components of acquiring and processing. Data Connect has many years of experience and a deep knowledge for open loop payment, with the TCPOS business unit, Zucchetti is able to form a smart combination with closed loop transactions.

What is the advantage for Zucchetti of having a retail-focused center?
The RCC shows customers that the retail market is strategical for Zucchetti and opens many new opportunities for sales teams to enter discussions with customers. Zucchetti's internal sales processes and projects can be more efficiently organized and enhanced with years of experience. For employees, the platform will provide a new identity and cooperation within a wider team. We are convinced that the RCC is useful for Zucchetti’s partner companies, which can count on us as a unique coordination point.

Where do you think the RCC can fully express its expertise in the Zucchetti family?
We analysed our structures in detail – Says Dirk Schwindling, CEO of Zucchetti Switzerland SA -  Zucchetti has several decades of experience through the acquisition of TCPOS, RewaSoft and Data Connect in the retail market made by software designers, developers, project managers, sales forces. Under the roof of Zucchetti, we bring together companies that bring several decades of market experience. The most experienced employees from these teams are involved in the project. We already have common clients today and we combine all this into a formula for the success of our customers. In cooperation with the Zucchetti Innovation LAB, we will be able to design a joint innovation roadmap and, in the future, closely coordinated joint concepts.