Zucchetti Spain launches a new guide on HR management

A useful tool for companies to learn how to adapt to the new Spanish legislation on working hours

On 12th May, the Royal Decree Law 8/2019 of 8th March, came into force in Spain, establishing the responsibility of companies to keep an effective record of the daily work of each worker, including start and finish times, without prejudice to current flexible working hours. This settled one of the most significant legal and political debates that took place in Spain in recent years: the obligatory recording working hours and, in particular, any overtime done by workers. The debate grew out of increased job insecurity and by statistics in regards to overtime not being paid to workers or declared to Social Security.

In 2018, Zucchetti Spain already launched a didactic guide giving soundings to this controversial topic. Now, and in light of the new regulation and of the short amount of time left in which to implement a system to record working hours it launches a new edition of its guide “HR: Record of employees’ daily working hours and overtime. New Regulation”. Here it analyzes the new regulation and its implications in detail, informing companies about the actions that must be carried out prior to its effective entry into force.

At the same time, Zucchetti Spain also provides companies with a dedicated Time & Attendance software to track and record the working hours of workers, thus meeting to the requirements of the new legislation in a streamlined and efficient manner.

The HR: Record of employees’ daily working hours and overtime. New Regulation” guide is available totally free-of-charge here and is part of a collection published by Zucchetti Spain to offer valuable content to companies on various current issues regarding management solutions and new digital tools.

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