Zucchetti awarded as a company that promotes health in the workplace

Zucchetti Group won another prize for its initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle

Zucchetti won the “Company that promotes Health” award as part of the ‘Workplace Health Promotion Lombardy’ created by the World Health Organization.

The fundamental WHO’s idea is that a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle creates an environment that supports the adoption of positive choices and behaviours, whose benefits affect the company itself but also – and most importantly – the workers and the overall society and this is why it needs to be awarded.

In this context, Zucchetti Group carried out a series of initiatives and activities to counteract health risk factors (such as tobacco addiction or the incorrect alcohol consumption) and pathological addictions. Moreover, Zucchetti also promoted the balance between professional and personal life, supporting work-life balance among its employees.

These conscious and responsible choices make sure that the company received the important recognition, which is a result of hard work and a big source of pride.