Zucchetti takes part in “M’illumino di meno”

The initiative to sensitize people on energy savings and circular economy is back

On Friday 1st March 2019, “M’illumino di meno” (I illuminate less), the day dedicated to energy savings and sustainable lifestyles, is going to be celebrated once again, by switching off lights for the entire day. The initiative was born in 2005 from an idea of the Italian radio programme ‘Caterpillar’ by Rai Radio 2 and it has now become an international event, in which public institutions, private citizens and companies take part.

Across the world, in fact, the Coliseum, St. Mark Square in Venice, the Prater Wheel in Vienna, the Tour Eiffel in Paris, the Foreign Office in London and the Custom House in Dublin turned their lights off.

During the years, the important initiative has evolved, becoming a real celebration of sustainable lifestyles, that make you feel good without wasting our planet’s resources. This is why in the 2019 edition, the focus is going to be not only on saving energy but also on the circular economy, meant as reduction of wastefulness by making things “live” longer. Because resources end, but everything regenerates.

This year as well, Zucchetti, always sensitive to environmental issues, renovates its participation in the initiative by switching off for the whole day the lights of its tower office in Lodi: a symbolic and at the same time concrete action, to sensitize everyone on reducing light pollution and saving energy.

This is something Zucchetti has always committed to thanks to the ongoing development of solutions specifically designed to achieve energy efficiency and for predictive and preventive maintenance.

ZEnergy is in fact the software that allows companies to reduce costs by monitoring energy consumptions and by using resources in a more rational and efficient way. ZMaintenance, instead, is developed to manage and plan all asset maintenance activities in order to anticipate potential malfunctioning, thus extending the life span of assets and machinery.