TCPOS iCore strategy integrates retail processes

At EuroCIS, Zucchetti presents its iCore solutions to help retailers grow profitably from the core

At EuroCIS 2019 in Düsseldorf, TCPOS and its parent company Zucchetti will present their iCore solution which – starting from the core, the point of sale – integrates the entire retail IT ecosystem with mobile and stationary solutions such as kiosks, self-checkouts, ERP, HR and access systems.

TCPOS iCore is the system from which retailers can grow in a customer-oriented way. As the point of sale, this nucleus is the pacesetter for retail IT. The goal is to optimize processes through omni-functional technologies: Via iCore, the point of sale, kiosks, self-checkouts, customers, ERP, ESL, stationary and web shops communicate directly and cooperate online. Sales and logistics processes between the stores of the same company are interlinked in real time to make sales and the customer experience more efficient and flexible.

Digital solutions are changing the customer experience, opening up new competitive opportunities for retailers as well as the opportunity to improve their customer service. To integrate stationary and mobile systems in the best possible way, and to analyze increasing data volumes in order to use them effectively, requires intelligent IT infrastructures and IT solutions. With its 360° solution portfolio, TCPOS iCore integrates these requirements in all channels.

The stationary cash register continues to be the most important touchpoint for the customer. But the point of sale is turning into a point of interaction” explains Dirk Schwindling, CEO of Zucchetti GmbH,The classic PC cash register is increasingly supplemented or replaced by mobile POS systems, self-checkout systems and self-order kiosks as well as web-based ordering systems. However, this does not change the logic of the transaction itself. Our iCore POS approach supports this transformation or dematerialization of the POS whilst the device – and channel-independent POS engine – remains unchanged“.

Within the iCore solution all active data such as transactions, orders and customer behavior, as well as passive data such as age, gender, movement profiles and weather, can be used depending on the real-time front-end infrastructure. This enables the control of “intelligent actions” that are tailored to the customer’s shopping cart, profile and needs, thus turning “big data” into “smart data”.

Visit TCPOS and Zucchetti at EuroCIS 2019 in hall 9, stand E22.