TCPOS App, the synergy that leads to success

After two new succesful products, TCPOS announces the most anticipated work in progress: the new TCPOS app.

Designed to be a white label solution that encompasses different functionalities such as the customer virtual card, the order & pick up and the possibility to order at the table, the TCPOS App was born thanks to the close collaboration among three companies belonging to Zucchetti Group.

TCPOS, Zucchetti’s POS specialists, Ovosodo, the Como-based web agency and KonaKart, the developers of eCommerce platforms, joined forces to conceive and create a product designed, at the moment, for the hospitality sector. The goal is to provide customers with a tool that guarantees engaging and simplified shopping experiences.

Given the importance of the project, different team members from TCPOS are collaborating to an app highly requested by the market, with its first release planned for January 2019.

The first part of the project has been developed by TCPOS headquarter in Manno to then involve the colleagues of the Austrian office, already responsible for the creation of an excellent prototype.

This operation is part of a bigger evolution of the TCPOS suite, that will include solutions oriented to different eCommerce aspects, destined to be more and more present in the life of final users.

This evolution will include both the app’s design and an important update of TCPOS portfolio’s products, like for example, the Order & Delivery online booking solution. Soon, it will also be able to accept prepaid cards, widening the application of the app to the business catering sector too, including the card’s dematerialization, integrated in the app itself.

The app, that will be available both for iOS and Android, will include many features, among which promotion management, allergens notifications, integration with social media and management of customer feedback. By collaborating day by day with KonaKart and Ovosodo’s colleagues, TCPOS will be able to provide clients with an ecosystem made of solutions that, by respecting TCPOS’s usability and flexibility standards, will offer an excellent product characterized by a high-level user experience, easily customizable by the client according to its company’s corporate image and business needs.

This collaboration has been completely inedited for Zucchetti Group and has showed the effectiveness of the iCore strategy. A strategy that presents itself on the market for the first time and that puts the POS system at the centre of a wider galaxy of solutions aimed at simplifying sales processes in restaurants and stores, at the same time guaranteeing an optimal organization of workflows and personnel management.