Zucchetti finalist for the HR Innovation Award

During the Zukunft Personal Europe event in Germany it will run with Infinity ZScheduling

Doing old things in a new way: this is what innovation means for Zucchetti, this is the spirit of the HR Infinity Global Solution, the new platform dedicated to Human Capital Management that is among the finalists for the HR Innovation Award, the award dedicated to companies that thanks to their products are opening up new avenues in Personnel Management.

Zucchetti’s HR Suite is in fact designed for a new user experience, characterized by the pervasive introduction of dashboards that further simplify the interaction between the employees and their company. Moreover, new graphic functionalities inspired by the most widespread social networks have been introduced, in order to facilitate communication, even with mobile apps.

Another benefit of Zucchetti’s HR Infinity Global Solution is the functional completeness: the applications, perfectly integrated with each other, cover all HCM-related aspects, from administration to organizational management, thanks to advanced HR Analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools that are able to perform predictive analysis on HR trends.

In particular, Zucchetti’s HR suite includes the following solutions:

  • Infinity ZScheduling to improve the processes related to shift scheduling and activity planning;
  • Infinity ZForecast to forecast the size of resources needed thanks to the use of AI;
  • Infinity ZTimesheet to monitor worked hours and analyse the activities performed by workers;
  • Infinity HR, Time & Attendance module to simplify the monitoring of presences and absences, giving more autonomy to collaborators and supervisors, streamlining internal communication and greatly reducing time and costs;
  • Infinity ZTravel to optimize the whole business travel and expense management process: pre-travel, on-travel and post-travel;
  • Talent Management to better manage personnel, from selection to training, from evaluation to career planning and compensation;
  • Access Control solutions, complete software and hardware systems to control and guarantee the maximum security in the access of people and vehicles to company’s premises.

Zucchetti’s applications can adapt to organizations of any size and sector, from small enterprises to large multinational companies.  Moreover, since Zucchetti’s offer is ready for the German market, Zucchetti is going to attend Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne, at Halle 3.2, Stand B01, in order to directly show to all companies the advantages of its HR Infinity Global Solution.