Solmicro's new white paper "HR in the era of Digital Transformation"

The Spanish company just released a free guide for anyone interested in the delicate transition of the HR Department in the digital era

Nowadays, Spanish companies are facing the challenge of digital transformation, whose success depends on many factors. During this process, many organizations only give attention to their IT Department. However, there is another department, which, together with the Managing Director, takes a leading role in this new scenario: the Human Resources Department. The new operational models companies adopt to keep up with the transformative pace of digital age, in fact, directly affect the HR management.

Due to the relevance of the HR Department during this process, Solmicro has decided to publish a new White Paper “HR in the era of digital transformation”, where it analysis the linking role played by the HR Department between the new technologies and the employees who will use them.

Solmicro has been developing management software for more than 20 years, always focusing on innovation and R&D investment. Due to this strategy, it has always kept at the technologic forefront and now has a clear perception of management software trends. With the objective of keeping the volume of R&D investment in line with its market positioning, in 2016 Solmicro joined Zucchetti Group, the software manufacturer leader in the Italian market since 2006. It therefore decided to add a new solution to its portfolio: Zucchetti HR Infinity, one of the leading HR management solutions chosen by over 25 000 companies, capable of answering the needs of the market concerning human capital.

Some of the main subjects treated in this book are the HR strategic management in digitalised companies, the digitalisation of management tools, and the new recruitment skills. Moreover, this White Paper enhances the role of the digital leader in this new scenario and analyses the profits of implementing a HR Management Software, together with bringing a practical roadmap to help companies going through the digital transformation of their HR.

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