Solmicro as main sponsor of the ERP & CRM DAY in Madrid

The software manufacturer sponsored this exclusive event, where the whole ERP-CRM offer in the market was presented

The 1st ERP & CRM DAY took place last November 15th at IFEMA, Madrid, with more than 350 people attending the conference, which presented ERP-CRM management systems as the drivers of business management. The event, visited by the major brands in the IT market, consisted of two series of simultaneous conferences about each area: round tables, presentations and networking coffee breaks at the exhibition area.

Solmicro, as the leader of Spanish ERP-CRM manufacturers, sponsored the whole event, where the strength of tools such as ERP and CRM were illustrated, informing companies about how to implement, change or improve their management software.

The CRM conferences (Customer Relationship Management) positioned the customer at the core of the strategy, highlighting the CRM as the essential tool to bring information and awareness and to take better decisions in real time.  At the same time, during the ERP conferences the ERP was illustrated as a powerful tool to manage information in real time and to guarantee control and an efficient management in different areas such as supply chain, process traceability, relationship with customers and providers, accounts and much more.

During the ERP & CRM Day, Solmicro showed his management solutions, which are the result of more than 20 years developing management software and of the experience earned by his more than 1.200 implementations, giving answer to the real needs of actual companies.
Solmicro ERP-CRM software is in fact customizable, perfectly suitable for a variety of different sectors (industrial, wineries, building, engineering, etc) thanks to a wide range of modules and functionalities (POS terminal, e-commerce, quality, maintenance, production scheduling, etc). Part of his success is due to the fact that Solmicro shares his programming code with his customers and partners, providing them a high independence level which is noticed as an important added value.