GT Alarm Fleet: more than a Black Box

GT Alarm's new smart Black Box will provide many innovative services to the users of company's cars

In order to avoid insurance frauds and to decrease car accidents, the Italian government recently passed a law introducing compulsory insurance discounts for those who installed a black box in their vehicles. Now, with this new law, not only is there a new market for manufacturers but most importantly, an opportunity for drivers to save money and choose freely what product suits their needs.

To meet customers’ car security demands, GT ALARM, brand owned by Macnil and specialized in Internet of Things, automotive and fleet management, presents a new innovative black box 4.0. An all inclusive efficient system, completely integrated with Zucchetti Group’s solutions.

GT Alarm black box is a multitasking device: not only will it record driver behavior but it will also warn the driver if there is an emergency and send an alert to the police if needed. It ensures the control and management of the car in real time whenever it is needed (position, speed); it keeps the driver updated with maintenance; it reminds him/her of all deadlines (pneumatics or oil changes) and sends alerts for upcoming services.

Gt Alarm Fleet for companies, available from the best car dealers, service partners, insurance companies and authorized installers, allows you to save fuel, control and optimize routes, view the vehicle’s position and stops thanks to a multitasking platform, easy to use on tablets and smartphones. Moreover, a new feature has been introduced in the solution: the Speed Camera Detector, to receive voice alerts about the presence of speed traps and cameras, together with an app to manage yours scheduled and extraordinary maintenance Deadlines.

“In order to reach a leading position in the automotive market – states Nicola Lavenuta, CEO of GT ALARM and Macnil – GT ALARM aims at expanding the solutions offered in telematics and in the market of satellite anti-theft systems and black boxes for private customers and companies”. So far in fact, more than 5000 organizations in Italy are using GT ALARM FLEET because of the advantages they have in managing the fleet used by staff and coworkers.